HSV would kick its arse

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    i'm the biggest retard? yo, nut cracker, i'm speaking from experience remember. i'm not going on about them only coming with cassette players, i mean in other countries the cassette player would be long replaced by an mp3 player. well i haven't used the tape player in about 5 years. only cd and radio. ok, i must admit it didn't fall apart in a couple of months but things began to happen eventually. holden don't make fast cars GM does, u should start getting engines from scratch. holdens aren't naturally fast anyway.
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    thats plain f*cking stupid mate. do u know every1 on dis site? nuff said!
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    Every one here argueing is an idiot. Can't you people settle your diffrences properly
    OK I'd love a HSV GTS (it's better then our car a Holden VT 2 Acclaim with a monaro front bar)
    But however for all you euopeans (yes in the long run the M5 would be better because BMW build cars to last and they have a reputaion for good reliable cars + the M5 is worth more so i'd rather go for the car that has the better second hand value which would be the M5.
    German cars do not depreciate in value as much as our cars in Australia do. However there are more ways to make an HSV produce more power. Ok so you get 200 000 Aus$ to sepnd on a car and you buy and HSV GTS this is what i'd do
    I,d give it a Vortech supercharger the car to start with has 300 Kw now it has 370 kw with the supercharger then id add a Proper exhaust system to get about 400 kw then a shot 100 hp Nos a better clutch flywheel blow off valve etc.

    Both cars are good it just depends on what you'd prefer and No holdends dont fall to pieces
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    Oh dear

    For the guy who stated that HSV use a modified malibu platform The chevy malibu is front wheel drive !!!

    I have friends and relatives who have had BMW, Mercedes and Audi's
    with bad quality, so no GErman isnt automatically perfect

    Motor magazine here in Aus recently re tested these cars
    The BMW is better but not 102 thousand dollars better.
    The HSV wins
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    hey dumb shit car and driver put the HVS and M5 head to head and the HVS got its ass kicked and if all we cared about was horsepower and performance we would all be driving SVT cobras Z06's and Vipers's stop looking at specs and look at the rest of the car
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    Wait for the new 500 bhp V10 M5...
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    way to go. Motor put them head to head as well with Mark Skaife and a guy who's name I can't remember who'd raced and won at the 'ring and tested cars for Porsche, BMW etc.

    He gave it round the ring to the HSV saying it'd lap in 8:10-8:15 (he was guessing) but he also estimated the M5's time at just under 8:30. A little checking with the M division at the ring found they'd recorded a best time of 8:28 for the M5. Guess having done tens of thousands of laps round the ring the guy knows a better performance car than some reporter from car and driver.
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    Oh yeah, can't wait for that thing to be unleashed. Too bad it'll only happen in 2005..... ???? sigh.
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    hey #$%#face...heard of the law of diminishing returns? of course its not going to be twice as good.
    a GTS isn't twice as good as an STi either....in fact many would say it is worse, for example me.

    and the GTS will never get near 13.3 for the quarter...it is another HSV bullshit claim...motor could only get 13.7 out of it, wheels 13.9, which shows the M5 is in fact a lot faster
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    Don't be a fool. The HSV is a tarted-up Vauxhall Omega, the worst executive car in the world.
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    not exactly right,

    the holden bears some resemblance, but its far from the same car.

    btw, the trailing arm suspension used in commodores was ditched by vauxhall 20 years ago
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    It's the same chassis though. This chassis is basically not very good, and will be at its limits in dealing with the power of the HSV engine.
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    the chassis is a shocker, which is why they are using band aid solutions like the 'control link' to fix the trailing - arm rear's habit of roll oversteering
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    Yes. Better to use a modern purpose-built chassis, like the 5-series did.

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