HSV's Race Track Special: The GTSR

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  1. nowhere did i say that it was road legal...Danno was just pointing out that it doesent specifically say "THIS CAR IS NOT ROAD LEGAL" while completely secure in the knowledge that this car will not be able to be registered for road use. he was pointing out a technicality in the wording and making a joke of it by suggesting actually driving this thing down to the shops and how absurd it would be.

    Obviously beyond your intellect. MOTOR is a very unproffesional magazine with numerous spelling, gramatical and over the top use of colloqial language, while not explaining the full story behind cars.
  2. Umm...... Old thread? lol
  3. its definatly not street legal (in australia anyway) with a full cage like that
  4. Wow, do you know what a track car is?
  5. It will be about as legal as a rally car (ie, driveable on the road in very limited circumstances) I pressume.
  6. Wow, do you know that if it has a decent interior it can double as a regular street car and help improve sales? Or do you neglect to use common sense when you think?
  7. Go to that to Lotus, Caterham, Porsche, Ferrari, Renault, Radical and every other manufacturer who makes track specials for one make series.

    Edit: Btw, common sense would state that a track car would want to be stripped of everything it doesn't need, but I guess what you consider common sense is actually quite illogical.
  8. I know what you mean...but I'm looking at it in the aspect of, if its a car thats driveable on the street aswell, they would sell more if it had decent features and was comfortable, more people would be able to justify buying it as their street driven AND track driven car not just something they take to the track every 3 months.

    And before people mention the weight of the features etc, I'm not talking about fitting a Caprice interior or something, just basic stuff like a cd player, power windows and mirrors, air con...those few things would make the car much nicer whilst not considerably adding weight.
  9. I honestly think all that would do is serve to compromise the car. If people wanted something like that they could get a Grange.
  10. How? Its still the same car and probably not even adding 50kg...if that. Thats a massive difference going from that to a Grange.
  11. stfu n00b go bak 2 the indies
  12. No one is in them anymore.
    I wish Password Please was still around...Could bring that argument thread I had with him for over 200 posts back.
  13. Password Please was funny to laugh at.

    He claimed he did AP Physics in College yet couldn't verbalise a definition of inertia.
  14. You would then have to ditch the roll cage and ad 100s of kgs of equipment to comply with ADRs.
  15. I like how he thought his Honda Civic and Honda Accords were better than WRX's...and HSV's.

  16. looks so damn menacing, love the headlight. Also...the name "GTSR", very good.
  17. so are they actually gonna make this or did it go the way of the 427?
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  19. No matter how many times you tell this to Craig he will never understand your point.
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  21. You would know about that kinda thing...you think Mitsubishi's are good...
  22. you think luxurious barge = fun

    you = wrong
  23. No not fun...comfortable and nice to drive comes to mind however.
  24. im sure comfortable is at the top of many a race drivers list of priorities.

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