Hundreds Held Hostage in Russia School

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  1. Possibly.

    Past success in Russia by the Chechnyans was irrelevant. Recent events led them to believe it might be time to try again.

    Unfortunately, now Putin has to let a number of children die if he has any hope of regaining control of the situation.

    If he meets their will be five schools and 1000 children next....and tougher demands.
  2. Islamic militants attacking Russia is about as stupid as Japan attacking the US during the second world war.
  3. Seriously, this is the most sick, disgusting, and atrocious thing I have seen since 9/11. What total bastards. I hope every last one of them is either killed or caught and castrated. How sick and base can you be to capture and kill children in mass?

    If they kill the kids, I hope that Putin fires a few SS-18s or maybe some VX into Chechnya and just kills the bastards.
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    The attackers just released a group of about 30 hostages, mostly toddlers and older women. However, the estimates of the number of hostages being held has raised from an earlier estimate of 150-200 to over 300.

    1 - Main entrance
    2 - Area where gunfire began
    3 - Hostages are being held in the school gym, which has reportedly been packed with explosives and mines
    4 - Side entrance
    5 - There have been reports of children being used as human shields at the back windows
    6 - As the attack began a number of hostages hid in the boiler room and later escaped
  5. Rest assured, the terrorists will be executed as soon as possible. Russians don't #$%# around.
  6. Putin is saying they will only resort to force as the last possible option, they don't want another theater disaster. Read the news links.
  7. That's not the point. As soon as the majority is 'secured' or the terrorists surrender, the soldiers will kill them on the spot.
  8. Shit, they killed all the knocked out terrorists at the play. I wouldn't #$%# with Russia.
  9. Russians will f*ck them up!
  10. WOW look at us we can take, we can kill little children. I say the only way to fight, these guys is with fire. Fight fire with fire, copy them. Blow up mosqeues and terrists camps, not by american/russian/chinese millitary might but terrorists
  11. Looks to me like there's something crazy going on inside now. CNN's got live coverage with a hell of alot of gun crackle in the background.
  12. Rumours saying that the roof inside has collapsed, and several people around the CNN reporter have taken bullet hits.
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    Bloody end to Russia school siege

    Russian troops have stormed the school in North Ossetia, where hundreds of children and adults have been held hostage since Wednesday. A Russian commander says Russian troops are nearly in full control, says the BBC's Steve Rosenberg.

    But sporadic gunfire can still be heard and the fate of many of the children held by the gunmen is unclear.

    Reuters reports that several of the hostage takers were shot dead by troops as they tried to escape. A large number of people have been seen fleeing the premises, many of them covered in blood.

    1005: Russian troops said to be nearly in full control
    0958: Special forces enter school
    0930: School roof said to have collapsed
    0914: Group of about 30 hostages escape from school
    0905: Explosions and gunfire heard. Soldiers run towards building
    All times GMT

    Helicopters hovered overhead and there were troops everywhere.

    The BBC's Sarah Rainsford said a man inside the building had told her that an explosion had been heard inside the school and that as a result a wall had collapsed followed by gunfire. Many more explosions were heard after that. It is unclear what caused the initial explosion. It is believed there may be many more people left inside the building.

    People could be seen running from the building - some of them semi-naked - as a thick pall of black smoke hovered overhead.

    There is pandemonium in the streets surrounding the school, says the BBC's Damian Grammaticas, who is also at the scene. The armed group which is holding the hostages were earlier reported to have demanded independence for neighbouring Chechnya.

    On Thursday, 26 women and young children were released, and some of them provided the first details of conditions inside the school.

    "You know there are not 300 people in there, but altogether 1,500. People are lying on top of each other," 27-year-old teacher Zalina Dzandarova told the Kommersant newspaper.
    "They took some of the injured out of the gym and finished them off right there in the corridor," she said.

    Officials put the number of hostages at 354 before Thursday's release, although the school has more than 1,000 pupils. The hostage takers had been refusing to allow food, water and medicine into the building.

    Trip wires were believed to have been laid around the school, with the attackers threatening to blow it up if it was stormed by police. Hundreds of relatives of those being held inside the school who had been waiting anxiously outside the security cordon reacted in panic to the outbreak of fighting. Officials said the release of the 26 people on Thursday came after mediation efforts by the former President of the neighbouring region of Ingushetia, Ruslan Aushev. The attackers - both men and women, some wearing bomb belts - struck on Wednesday, the first day of the new school year in Russia. Many parents and other relatives were inside the school, helping their children celebrate the new year, when the assault began.

    The hostage-takers are Chechen and they were demanding full independence for their republic, says the BBC's Sarah Rainsford.
  14. What a disaster.
  15. Some more small pics.
  16. The fsb is the quivalent of the swat.The men who are in this unit are heavy trained spetznaz (elite soldiers of the russian army). It is often the fsb who is called for this type of operation.
  17. SWAT teams are normally made up of police officers, not soldiers. Not really fair to compare the two. I would assume these soldiers were part of Spetsgruppa Alfa, Russia's premier anti-terrorist unit. They fill a role similar to Delta in the US, but have a rocky past with a very up/down track record.
  18. I don't think I'd call it that. From what I've heard, out of the possibly 1,000+ people inside, 158 have been taken to hospital, and the last I heard there had been no civillian deaths.
  19. I hope it works out that well. That would be an incredible success.
  20. I'm watching it on the news right now. They said all hostages have been evacuated.
  21. Considering they were looking down the barrel of a heck of alot of deaths, if it stays this way the Russians have done a commendable job.

    I was hearing earlier that it appears some of the hostage takers tried to escape by letting some of the hostages go while sneaking out with them. Sounds almost like they got fed up of waiting. Which makes sense, seeing as no one really knew what the hell they wanted.
  22. Apparently a group of attackers had escaped the school when the assault started and are now holed up in various parts of the city. The fighting at the school is done, but gunfire can be heard around the city as FSB troops try to root the Chechnyans out of the homes and businesses they are now in.
  23. They said the rescue operation was a bit chaotic due to poor radio communications.

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