Hundreds Held Hostage in Russia School

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  1. Ok.I agree. But it happens that sometimes in swat teams you have some former marines or usmc soldiers.The delta force is a very secret unit composed mainly of soldiers of the best elements of the 101th airborne as well as rangers and the best elements of the usmc.That is what i have read in a documentary book dating from 1995.
  2. They ended up making formal demands, but of course they were unreasonable and not given consideration.

    The demands included pulling all troops out of Chechnya, release of prisoners taken recently, and regional negotiations for Chechnya's independence.
  3. Here is a timeline of recent events from the BBC.

    1145: BBC correspondent says it appears that many children are still unaccounted for despite claims that all have been evacuated from building.

    1140: Gunfire continues to be heard from the school.

    1125: Russian news agencies say security forces are attacking house where rebels are thought to be hiding.

    1120: Reports that 13 gunmen have barricaded themselves into a house in Beslan.

    1115: Interfax news agency reports all hostages have been taken out of the school.

    1108: At least three dead bodies have been removed from the school, agencies report.

    1105: Explosions and gunfire continue in the vicinity of the school.

    1100: There is speculation that fleeing hostage-takers may have taken some children with them.

    1055: Convoys of cars and ambulances arrive at the school to ferry the wounded away.

    1050: There are reports that the rebels are trying to escape from the city.

    1045: Russian news agency Itar-Tass says the noise is the sound of soldiers blowing holes in walls to allow hostages to escape.

    1040: Loud explosions are once again reported at the school.

    1030: Some 158 children are reported to be in hospital.

    1028: Witnesses see paramedics enter building with stretchers.

    1015: Reports say that five of the hostage-takers have been killed.

    1013: Interfax news agency quotes Russian official as saying that most of the hostages are alive.

    1005: Russian army commanders report that their troops are nearly in full control of the building.

    0958: There are reports that Russian special forces have entered the school.

    0953: Another large explosion is heard.

    0946: Some of the hostage-takers reportedly try to leave the building.

    0931: Ambulances start ferrying the wounded away. An emergency military hospital has been set up near the school.

    0930: School roof is reported to have collapsed.

    0925: Four helicopters are seen hovering over the school.

    0914: A group of about 30 hostages escape from the school. Some of the children are covered in blood.

    0905: Two loud explosions and automatic gunfire are heard near the school. Heavily armed soldiers are seen running towards the building.
  4. 1153: Regional emergency officials say 250 hostages wounded, including 180 children, the Associated Press reports.

    1150: At least five bodies covered in white sheets are lying outside the school.

    Rumour is the five bodies are terrorists, not children.
  5. I wouldn't like to be a hostage in Russia. No matter what they promise, the ending is always the same: massacre.

    Wait and see the number of victims growing up.
  6. This is really sad... lets just hope they did not use banned biological weapons like they did last time....
  7. Eye witness report of at least 100 dead bodies in the gymnasium.
  8. from what I heard, they said they saw about a 100 bodies on the floor on the gym, although there is no word is they are dead, and if they are, how many are children....
  9. Because that's the EFFECTIVE way to deal with terrorists. If you give into their demands every time they pull a stunt like this then it just encourages them to do it in the future because it worked the last time.

    That's why Latin America is such a f**ked up place where hostage taking is as much of a every day business as running a 7/11. And the ransoms are just ridiculously low sums of money. It became an accepted way of life because nobody did anything about it.

    The zero tolerance approach is the most effective tool in dealing in these situations.
  10. My fellow counrtymen are too hardcore to #$%# around with. America needs to be more like Russia, and people need to quit whining abut the bodies. Shit happens.
  11. I would love to see you victim of a hostage situation.
    You sure shit in your pants praying for tolerance, like we saw in Al Jazzerah.
  12. I'd die with my USP in my hand shooting at whoever was trying to take my hostage rather than 2 weeks later at the hands of some cowards. If I’m going to die I’m going to take someone down with me.

    I noticed you didn't dispute the fact that in Latin America kidnapping is a normal business operation. In fact right now Urbina, the pitcher for the Detroit Tigers, had his mother kidnapped in Venezuela. This happens because nobody does anything about it. If you took the Chinese approach and just execute the kidnappers on site there would be much less of this happening.

    The bottom line is these guys are cold blooded murderers, no reasonable nation would ever give into their demands, and they had already killed multiple people anyway. At some point you have to cut your losses, storm the building, and save who you can save. This is text book law enforcement and military stuff found in every counter-terrorist & stand-off manual ever published. The fact that YOU don't agree with it is completely irrelevant because you don't have a f**king clue.
  13. Couldn't agree more with you the drift king.
  14. USP? Hahaha, you watched too many movies, kid.
    You use to carry your USP at work? Paranoid culture.

    Soon I'll see you in the news because you killed your mates in a mental attack for eating like a fat US conservative. I will enjoy it.

    By the way, I live in Argentina. Trying to own me quoting a Venezuelan case is like blaming you because of the crime rates in México.
  15. Yeah someone defending themselves with a firearm they own sounds like something you would only see in a movie...
  16. Well ive never seen anyone do it in real life.
  17. Thanks God, yes.
    I don't live in a place full of mental freaks with assault weapons.
  18. Recent updates:

    1430: Reports that gunmen are still firing from the school.

    1407: Interfax reports that 10 of the hostage-takers were killed in shoot-outs.

    1345: Interfax reports that more than 100 bodies have been found in the school gym.

    1330: Russian security services say their assault on the school had not been planned.

    1322: More than 400 people have been injured during the siege, officials say.

    1311: Interfax news agency reports that dozens were killed when the school roof collapsed earlier.

    1305: Dozens of dead bodies are reported to have been seen inside the school gym.

    1250: Army brings in "huge" pile of body bags, a BBC correspondent reports.

    1218: At least seven dead, reports Itar-Tass.

    1207: Gunfire and explosions can be heard in the vicinity of the school.

    1203: Twenty seriously wounded children have been evacuated from the town for treatment, Itar-Tass reports citing health officials.
  19. Thats fair enough, but the public grief or anger afterwards is not towards the dead terrorists, it towards the dead hostages.

    Killing the terrorists on site is THE solution because like you said it sends out a message. But the risk to the hostages themselves is normally unacceptable.
    Counting their deaths as 'acceptable losses' in the war on terrorism doesn't really work because the terrorists would kill them anyway and the country trying to end the seige do not want to arrive at the same outcome - what does that prove ?
  20. Reports are that the assault was not planned, and that in fact more negotiators had been called in from Moscow this morning.

    An FSB spokesman said that the negotiators had been in contact with the gunmen, and a accomodation had been made to allow the corpses outside the school to be gathered. Apparently, when the Russians moved in to collect the bodies, the gunmen opened fire on them from within the school. When the firing started, a large group of hostages attempted to escape from teh school and were fired upon, causing a chain reaction that led to the assault.
  21. more pics
  22. Because you live in the uk not in the us where people have the right to bear and own guns.I wonder if you have ever heard from the National Rifle Association.
  23. Reports from within the building say that the numbers of attackers and hostages were both underestimated. Some hostages have stated there were over 2 dozen attackers, and over 700 people being held hostage.

    A BBC cameraman snuck into the gym during the confusion. He says there were at least 100 bodies on the floor.

    Russian troops have been spotted bringing large amounts of body bags into the school.

    I knew this was going to end badly, Chris.
  24. I hope all the SOBs that did this pay with their lives... its a school goddammit, with little children...

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