Hundreds Held Hostage in Russia School

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  1. I'm finished.
  2. How do you dare to insult someone's father you shitf*ck?
    Would you have the balls to fight viets in the jungle knowing that you risk your life every second?
    You seriously fail. There is not a single sentence from you where i can't see you brilliant narrowmindedness and ignorance shining.
  3. Calm down, Skee didn't take it seriously and neither should you.
  4. if this doesnt get back on topic Im going on a deleting spree
  5. Thanks buddy.
  6. This didn't post correctly, it appears. Sorry if this is a double post.

    1940: Special forces say operation at school is complete.

    1830: Most hostage-takers have been killed or captured, the military head of operations in Beslan, General Viktor Sobolev, tells Russian TV.

    1808: Three hostage-takers reported captured alive.

    1720: The bodies of 79 victims have been identified, says a North Ossetian security official.
  7. back to the subject.Chechens are extremely dangerous terrorists.THey are even worse than the japanse kamikaze of the 2nd world war, they are like beasts and they never surrender. They will rather kill the victim and kill themselves than surrender.I read that in a book taking about terrorists.
  8. I think you mean Chechen extremeists. Not every Chechen blows themselves to bits.
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    'Disturbing failures' in school assault
  10. That braught me a tear in the eye.Poor childrens. <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC=""></A>
  11. as #$%#ed up as the situation is, and i deeply regreat all the deaths and the human drama, the russians brought this situation to themselves.
    This is the same thing as when the IRA bombs civilians
  12. seriously, don't go there ...
  13. bombed. The IRA are disbanded. No more.
  14. You may disagree but this is what happens when you ocupy foreign land, set up a puppet regime and randomly abuse the local population.
  15. But the IRA were only one of many 'organisations' on all sides.

    and I think broken up and dormant is more accurate.
  16. Seriously, I was pretty choked watching the news... and I'm a hardened asshole.
  17. I don't want to go way off topic again in this thread, but if the whole thing was a simple as that sentence there wouldn't have been so many killings over it.
    In fact your post shows you know very little about it, or at most you have a VERY biased view on it.
    I know people from the Republic and NI, protestant and catholic and most of them don't have an answer for it either.

    It's very easy for you on the outside looking in to have all the answers, but it is not just a question of occupation (wanted OR unwanted depending on who in NI you talk to - remember this isn't a population that wants it's land back, there is a split in the NI population as to which governement they want which is why this is so complicated - Unionists/Loyalists, Nationalists/Republicans ....), this is something that is over a century old and is based on religion as much as land.

    But back to the tragedy in Russia, with close to 150 dead in a school full of young children, these bastards are purely looking for media coverage to further a cause, not diplomatic negotiaions.
    Most of them got what they deserved.
    Hopefully the rest will too.
  18. I'm sorry if you misunderstood me, of course i was simplefying the question i was talking about the root of the problem.
    Ofcourse you must add religious/cultural differences.
    I dont believe I have the answer to all questions, i have my opinion but I'm always open to different perspective.
  19. how about you go to chechnya and tell the russians what you just said to us.
  20. *rant*

    his is what is so sick and disgusting about terrorists. These bastard massacred children, for crying out loud! What in the hell did those people do to them!? What's almost as bad is how so many governments (and occassionally populations) wuss up to these scumbags and give in to their demands. Jeez I hate terrorists. Russia should retaliate by launching a few nukes into rebel held territory...not areas heavily populated with civilians, but areas with still plenty of rebels to kill off.

    My heart goes out to the families who have suffered though this, the sickest terror act since 9/11.
  21. I heard a couple things on the news on the way home.

    First, a doctor that entered the school said he estimated the total number of dead at nearly 300.

    Second, the FSB says it has a few terrorists in custody and about 18 have been killed. There are rumoured to be four on the loose.

    Third, an interview with a military specialist revealed that most of the troops involved in the initial moments of the assault and the situation thus far until this morning were local military and FSB forces, and not specialist troops as earlier suggested. Some members of Spetsgruppa Alfa were on the scene, but the majority of them had just reached the area late this morning and were getting acclimated when the assault came. This helps explain why things have happened as they did.

    I still feel that the outcome of this was somewhat inevitable. The Russian stance against terrorist acts combined with the brutal tendencies of Russian military forces made this a no win situation. It really seems as though the FSB was stricly following Putin's orders not to assault, and that the attack was provoked. Most eyewitnesses say the troops were not prepared to assault when the attack happened, and that they seemed to be settling in for a prolonged seige rather than direct action.

    The Russian people seem to be in a state of shock and outrage. Most of the civilians who are still looking for word of the fate of their loved ones are quick to blame Putin, but although as Rockeforte said, the root to this is in the occupation, I think that this outcome can only be blamed on the terrorists.

    My previous post still stands, I think there are some serious issues in the way this was handled. C3 and the logistics were seriously lacking.
  22. I'm a Bush supporter now
  23. How does a terrorist act in a small town in Russia, makes one support Bush?? Whats the connection?
  24. At first I thougt that 9/11 was just one in a hundred years type of thing, but now I want the world to punish all who are envolved in terrorist activities.

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