Hydrogen Cars: NOT FOR ME

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  1. Of course one day the traditional internal-combustion engine running on petrol or diesel will have to be replaced with something environmentally friendly. But I pray that this day will come only when I'm in my late 50's when I have had enough adrenaline rushes from hitting the accellerator on a petrol car. And imagine how these cars are gonna sound like!!! I bet it'll be a high pitched whining. COME ON! I wan't a nice sounding car with decent performance.

    On the other hand it's a great step in the right direction and tuning companies better concentrate on hydrogen engines in the future...or I'm gonna start riding my bicycle!!!
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    True, true...
    Unfrotunately, I have not yet gotten my drivers license, and I want to able own a few wonderful ICE cars....
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    So true. I want drive a car that burns gazoline instead of water!
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    MAYBE... they will make these engines better, JUST AS in cars from before. its called EVOLUTION. by the time we begin to use cars like these, maybe we'll have made these engines as good as combustion engined ones.
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    you fail.
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    look at gas engines and more recently rotaries. when the rx7 came out it made 100 hp now it makes 230. im sure they'l figure out some tricks to get more power out of hydrogen.
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    I think that whith help of hydrogen will we olaso evolv the steam powered cars and if we do that i think that they will produce more horsepower the petrol car.

    Stem car rules! the will rule the market in about 3 years so get ready for steam power
    evedence will you find on www.steamcar.co.uk they realy know how to bild a super car.

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