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  1. Mclaren P1
    Porsche 918 Spyder
    Ferrari LaFerrari
    Pagani Huayra
    Bugatti Veyron SS
    Koenigsegg One:1

    They are all crazy fast, so which one would it be if you had to choose only one???
  2. I like the red cars with the horse
  3. I like them all.

    But I like the Porsche 918.... What a car.
  4. Nissan GTR
  5. 1) LaFerrari
    1/bis) 918
    1/ter) P1
    Veyron SS
  6. There is a video of a CCX drag racing a 918 and a Mclaren 650S Spider. Both the 650S and the P1 are faster off the line, and the CCX can only just keep up with the 650S down the straight, the 918 is way faster than both, beat the CCX by a good 100metres in a 500 metre straight. The One:1 is about 200hp more powerful than the CCX, but it is also heavier. The biggest problem with the car appears to be the rubbish single clutch gearbox, which is slow and costs a tonne of speed. I can't see the One:1 being as fast as the P1 or 918 until its way over 200kmh.
  7. The One:1 could literally give 918/P1/LaFe a head start to over 100km/h and still rip them a new anus in 0-320km/h.
  8. Can you link to a video of this?

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