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  1. Thing looks like a Hyundai Tiburon (more like Vice Versa), Hyundai Tiburon is the worst thing for ferrari. Simply because the Hyundai looks like this car, making this car less appealing. Honestly I like Ferrari, but this car is less appealing.
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    To me this is the least appealing current Ferrari. But I don't think it even has the looks of a Tiburon.
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    No no no, nothing like a tiburon. A tiburon has a diffent back, a more curvy shape, and has two circular headlights. This GT has pop up lights for one thing, proving your theory wrong all together.
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    Hehe...a Tibouron...ok. This is one of the most appealing current Ferrari's in my opinion, and I HATE Japanese and American cars...
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    NO no no your wrong. Look at the side profile.
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    Kind sir, looks and features/performance are very differen't things. Young man, I suggest you let yourself grow a few years older. Then return to this site as a wiser 3rd class labourer.
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    Don't piss on Ferrari because Hyundai used their 456 design. Only an ignorant person would be so stupid. If anything else Hyundai can be compared to a leach or other parasite because they stole the design from Ferrari (Provided by Pininfarina........Ferrari's good friend)!
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    Koeniggman u'r 100% correct
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    well, the 456 gt came first, so shame on hyundai.

    i hate how korean companies copy everything!!! the new kia is ripping of the e-class, while the tiburon is copying the 456gt. the hyundai sonata kinda copied the c-class, and jaguar x-type, while the kia sorento tried to copy the rx300. the only one that never copied and created their own unique design was daewoo, but they're dead.
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    FerrariMagic and Koeniggman, you are 100% idiots
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    Holy shit how right u are!!! Korean carz ar the shittiest of the shitty i must say!!! And about this car lookin like the Tiburon, I must say ther is some resemblance but like someone said before. This came first!!!
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    The styling on the Scagelitti is very tired. It is a little too simple.
  13. if you put profile photos of each car side by side they look veeeery similar but when you see them in person there is absolutely no comparrison what so ever. the ferrari is long low sleek and sexy where the hyundai is a bulbous fat piece of crap
  14. The Hyundai Coupe (Tiburon) is a pathetic attempt at recreating the looks of a Ferrari on a cheap asian car. I have to admit though, there is a slight resemblance which I try not to think about.
  15. I believe everything has been said. Don't shit on Ferrari EVER!!
  16. Hyundais don'thave 442hp

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