I am going to get banned over this

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by Big Rob, Feb 18, 2007.

  1. but its so much fun!

    What do you guys want with my fantastical mod powers?
  2. Reinstate karma!

  3. Mod powers myself!
  4. Post the content of the moderators forum.
  5. Who took over robs account.
  6. Some bloke named prophecy. Left the forums for a while, came back, wanted to be a mod, got the chance.
  7. Screenshot/post stuff from the mod forum. Or change his password/email, lol.
  8. do a barrel roll
  10. it's jagman...annyway, ban admin lol.
  11. oooooooh. Go into the banned memebers thread and post intersting things.
  12. Whoever he is, his email is stueck somethingorrather @ yahoo.com

    lol pwnd
  13. Haha, Jezus Christ, hes #$%#ed!
  14. Jeezus

    EDIT: For Realz Nigga?
  15. Its mee, Jeezus lol
  16. haha so it's jeebus.
  17. hahahahaha it's Jeezus!

  18. e-amil + rx-7 club gave it away. lololololol self-owned. Now go out in a blaze of glory!

    edit: Jeezus just came on today because I gave him the password. I've been doin it for the last couple days but I'd rather not have my main account banned.

    lolololol tyrying to get rob in trouble? his aim sn is gray so hes not on!
  19. who banned mcted!!!!
  20. I did, you were breaking the guidelines.
    I'm not discussing this any further.
  21. Haha.
  22. foot = down
  23. OMG WAT THE KAK unban me!!!

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