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  1. Last night, my freakin Corvette got shot up by some low life retards. I parked my car at the park. I am gone for like 30mins. I come back to my car and the driver side window is shattered. There are 3 holes on the windshield,1 on the driver side mirror, 1 on driver door, 2 on the hood. I was so #$%#ing pissed, i grabed my tire iron and went on in my friends car driving all around town looking for the bastards that did this. Sadley i did not find them, but i will and i am going to #$%#ing kill them.
  2. That sucks.It was probably just some drunk retarded kids.
  3. So am I hearing this right? Your car got shot up (as in they had guns) and you went looking for them with a tire iron?

    Sucks either way though. People who mess with other cars are cowards.
  4. I would probably do the same if someone did that to my car.
  5. That's f*ed up
  6. My bad steve. They shot either bb or pelet guns at me. But they still did alot of damage. And besides, even if it was a real gun, i wen't pretty crazy when i saw what happnend so i probably would have chased them anyways.
  7. You live in a dangerous city.

    Just kidding. That really sucks.
  8. It would have been funnier if it happened to DragStrip but I'm still having a good laugh.
  9. Your so pathetic.
  10. I did it! wanna fight about it?
  12. you drive a Chevy, are you sure the holes didn't just appear by themselves when the bondo deteriorated?
  13. When you insult someone make sure your grammar is correct, otherwise it makes you look like a dumbass.
  14. thats what you get when you live in SoCal. people just assume your filfthy rich and could care less how much money they have to spend.
  15. Haha. Yeah, I thought the same thing.
  16. I'm torn between amusement and sympathy.
  17. that sux, i would have been just as pissed. hope it doesnt cost too much to fix
  18. You've never been to southern California.
  20. that sucks man.
  21. Yeah, it sux pretty bad. I have no idea how much it is going to cost. But i now they might have to repaint the hood, driver side door and mirror housing, and part of the roll section. Also gonna have to replace driver side window and front windshield. Hopefully I can go through insurance or something.
  22. That's probably what I hate the most, people who dont respect other people's property and ruin it because they are jealous.
  23. Srsly. I bet they were some eurotrash fanboys too.

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