I baught this

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  1. never seen that before riclalv. thanks for sharing rsr
  2. more odd than the alfa SZ
  3. rs you are welcome
  4. how much? with your entire wealth?
  5. lol
  6. Where?
  7. ugh you quoted his post
    now i can see it
    you know he's retarded
  8. post interior pictures, or left side of car plz.
  9. why you need proof? eye up that wheelbase its a 2 seater dawg step your game up
  10. really? -_-
  11. god damn he's a #$%#ing goober
  12. really digging this ultra rare slicktop

    remove f40 wing, add stock look exhaust, flip for profit

    or flip the white one

    edit: 200lbs lighter and only 2200 imported to USA
  13. That is kind of hot (minus the wing).
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  15. So I'm having this dream... I'm in a Nissan Z, and these guys are after me... but they can't catch me.
  16. cant run with you
  17. flip the white one, drive that one around for a while.
  18. flip the red, white looks better.
  19. the red one was pretty beat up in person, damn
  20. I'm sure you'll find another shitty 2+2 to buy.
  21. i dont buy 2+2s #%$gpots
  22. Thats the car i always saw myself driving when i was like 15.
  23. You can't run with me
  24. You can't run

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