I bought a thing

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  1. A 3D printy thing

    IMG_20161004_113518273_HDR - Copy.jpg

    Pretty cool. Can do all kinds of filaments (including metal, wood, even carbon fiber?) for $200. Good quality too, about equal to the $2500 Makerbot I have at work. However, it can only go as big as 120mm cubed, though there are people modding them to go bigger

    Here's my hello kitty

    IMG_20161005_081646480 - Copy.jpg
  2. Cool, where from? How easy is it to learn?
  3. that's not hello kitty
    its maneki neko, the lucky cat
    cool printer tho
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  4. Can you print yourself a girlfriend? NERD
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    moderators are awesome
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  6. The e-tailer king of cables, adapters, peripherals, and general computer/tech bits, Monoprice.

    I have some experience with a makerbot so I'm not totally new, but it's pretty easy to learn the basics especially these days since theres so much out there. This specific model has only been out a few months but there's tons of detailed reviews out and has an active FB group with over 2000 people. There's a lot of people modifying them too (which I will be doing some as well). 3D printing is good in that you can get as deep into it as you want, but if you just want some simple fun fooling around with the stuff, it's still pretty approachable
  7. make a model of your penis and mail them to the members of this forum pls
  8. Well it can't do longer than 4 3/4" so yeah I totally can
  9. Can it print GI-Joes?
  10. Looks so chinese
  11. That makes sense because it is a rebadged model from some Chinese company I think
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  12. wow great eye drano
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  13. Keen eye
  14. Stink eye.
  15. Stinky finger
  16. I'm really disappointed!! When I saw the thread title saying you bought a thing, I was sure it was this!!!


    1974 Volkswagen Thing -1.JPG
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  17. i cant believe youve done this
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  18. Some new prints. I've mostly been testing, but the last one is the first actually functional thing I've made. It's a little gate that mounts to a light switch to make sure I don't accidentally turn my garbage disposal on

    I didn't realize that the printers these days can do long unsupported bridges, the spiral thing has a 2" span. This makes it so much better because you don't have to print a support piece that you have to remove later

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  19. 20160916_200906.jpg
    That's my dad's set up.
    Nerdiest sentence ever uttered by man: "For your brother's birthday, I'm going to 3D print him a Dr. Who chess set."
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  20. thats nice of your dad to do

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