I bought it 10 years ago

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  1. The VL

    in order:

    lowered it
    sound system
    2.5" exhaust
    17" rims
    central locking
    rear drum to disc conversion
    270mm single piston to 330mm twin piston front brake conversion
    RB25det conversion
    front mount intercooler done
    twin thermo fans
    4.11 LSD diff installed
    19" rims
    interior done - VE senator front seats
    power windows
    VL auto to R33 manual conversion

    last things to do eventually:
    fuel pump/lines
    aftermarket computer

    I would now like to add a DeLorean. I need a double garage.
  2. one of the ugliest cars ever imo

    but as long as you're happy with it. good for you <A BORDER="0" HREF="http://www.supercars.net/PitLane?displayFAQ=y"><IMG BORDER="0" SRC="pitlane/emoticons/smile.gif"></A>
  3. I heard Holden was on its deathbed.
  4. All that money spent and its still a piece of shit?
  5. Don't listen to these deadbeat, that's a sweet ride.
  6. Looks like an early 90's olds cutlass!

    Why you spend so much money on an ugly clunker? Why not buy a good-looking car?
  7. Ending production in 2017.
    What they really mean is the Commodore will be dead. Holden will still be around, selling imported GM vehicles.
  8. Well I love the way they look, but also because;
    perfect size
    4 door
    rear wheel drive
    Nissan running gear
    Only 1290kg/2843lbs
    plus they were cheap at the time. And prices have been rising in the past 5 years.

    Other cars I wanted at the time were much more expensive, either initial cost, or because I was looking for a V8, and theres no way I couldve afforded to run it AND spend money on it.

    Had a friend with an RB25 VL. He sold it, bought an R34. He got bored of that, and ended up buying his old VL back because it was much more fun to drive. He's had it for 6 years now.

    Plus, the scene is awesomely diverse. A bunch of us regularly meet with specific Holden groups, Nissan groups, Skyline groups, Commodore groups.
    If you go on the Skyline forums, when anyone asks RB30/25/26 engine specific questions, a lot of the time, people will tell you to ask the same thing on the VL forums, as you'd probably get better answers there, as engine conversions and such happen way more in the VL scene.

    Also, its a good feeling when people ask you to do their wedding or formal. My car has been in 3 weddings, and 5 formals/proms.
    One kid was kinda upset I couldnt do his year 12 formal this year (because the car is unregistered at the moment), and said he wanted the same car his brother used 3 years ago and was looking to it for ages.
  9. probably the only other car i wouldve considered at the time would've been an R31.
    But I did prefer the angular appearance of VLs over the boxy appearance of R31s. Plus they were heavier

    Different story if I coulve afforded an R31 coupe. They're awesome.
  10. fully sik VL m8

    Did you raise the front mounted intercooler so it doesn't hang under the front bumper anymore? also, do the headlights on it move and if so how do they look in the 'on' position?
  12. Yeah, I doubt that Holden will remain a brand if there's no locally built cars.

    That was the only thing going for it, and there was always the cultural cringe factor hampering sales of non domestically produced models.

    They'll probably rebrand to Chevy, and have a mix of vehicles from all their operations from all over the world.
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    original one got damaged, so the next one I bought, I mounted as high as possible. It didnt matter so much anymore to have it low, as I has twin thermo fans on the radiator, and that had enough air-flow now.
    Its only about an inch higher though really.

    They're 'éye-lids', so the cover moves up and down;
  14. I totally agree.
    I kinda hope they just switch to Chevrolet actually.
  15. As much as I hate hektik VLs I really like your one.

    Good job
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    Holy shit how have I never seen the calais lights do that hahaha
    so awesome
  17. So Holden is shutting down and Chevrolet is stepping out of Europe leaving Opel to take care of business. Interesting.
  18. how is that 4.11 gearset treating you? i'm thinking about 4.10 gears in the spring
  19. revs at 2900rpm on the highway. 110km/h - 68mph
    But I still get 500kms/310m out of a tank.
  20. what are your gearbox's ratios?
  21. 1





    Stock R33 5 speed.

    Also, my tacho is probably off by 300 to 500 rpm aswell.

    All my Skyline owner friends say they get the same rpm and speed, and stock they have the same ratios in gearbox/diff.
  22. So why not have a Skyline GTR instead (R34 maybe)?
  23. because they cost like $40,000 - $60,000?
  24. Whoa expen$ive. What sort of mileage are we talking about?

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