I bought the Super Seven!!!!!

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  1. I didn't say that because it's a 4 speed, I said that because it's an automatic. And if you're lazy, why the hell would you buy a car like a Super Seven? Go get a 3 series.
  2. I didn't read the thread. Anyone know how you can go about buying one to build yourself?
  3. I didn't read your post. STFU
  4. try shift faster than an automatic
  5. That's the single worst argument for putting an auto in a car like this ever.
  6. Aaron is pretty special.
  7. "Israel is full of Jews!?"
  8. I chuckled.
  9. !!!!!!

    I know you have to come home to eat and sleep sometime. Post something!
  10. you're pretty stupid aren't you?

    ^^don't answer that
  11. It's so luxurious and spacious! OMG!
  12. You deserve to be shot.
  13. Why would you say this?
  14. Buy the book "How to Build Your Own Sports Car for under £250" by Ron Champion.
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    Build Your Own Sports Car for as Little as £250 and Race It!, 2nd Ed.

    by Ron Champion

    The first edition of this bestseller inspired so many people to build their own sports car that there now exists a thriving Locost Car Club, and an MSA-approved race series for Locosts run by the 750 Motor Club. This second edition - in full colour - is updated and expanded, with a new chapter on all aspects of racing a Locost, information on how to get through the Single Vehicle Approval test, and builders' own stories.
    'a great book designed to get people involved' Motoring News
    'an inspiring read' Cars & Car Conversions

    Second edition (pic):

    First edition

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