I dig.

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  1. I'd buy one. You?
  2. hell yes !
  3. i love everything about it. rear wheel drive, v8 power, 6 speed manual, good looks. what's not to love?
  4. The one thing I don't love is the 4000 lb. weight.
  5. Now if only they can take the GTO name off of that ugly ass car they made.
  6. This is the replacement, I believe.
  7. I want one so bad.
  8. It might just give the Dodge Charger a run-for-it's-money.
  9. I think I just found my next car....
  10. wow it looks good, first thing it reminded me of was a lancer evolution
  11. Seriously. I think this new design deserves the GTO tag more than the model currently holding the tag. Good looks, strong engine, 6-speed manual, tons of tuning options with the suspension, I'd take one.
  12. I cant believe they rebadged this car.
    I wish they still badged it as an Australian Holden VE Commodore, it was designed here...
  13. You're right Pipucho, it does resemble a lancer. Just like american auto makers to mimick a look.
  14. Looks like another winner from the General. Ford, meanwhile, sits by and scratches their heads. Another Aussie import, the new GTO, failed pretty badly, despite being a great performance value. Unfortunately, it looked like a big Cavalier. My hopes for this one are much higher. I wish Pontiac could somehow make that birdlike grille cool, though. Every Pontiac owner for a few generations now looks like they just sprang for a new Grand Am.
  15. I'm not digging the 4000 lb. weight.
  16. What an engine...
  17. we heard ya
  18. you're retarded, the GTO was incerdible only stupid americans didnt get it and didnt buy it, thats why it failed
  19. I like this car, hopefully it will do well. I also liked the gto, I dont know why so many people didnt, I think it looked and drove great.
  20. Except...... its like twice the size of an Evo.
  21. too heavy..not enough trans. options...not that eye popping...average
  22. Allmost 6 litre and only 362 hp, not much power I think.!!
  23. Just tOO big. Nice, But just too big!
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