I hate the assault weapon ban being repealed...

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by The Silencer, Sep 13, 2004.

  1. I am currently going to express my private thoughts, not related to my employers.

    I currently despise the repeal of the assault weapon ban. Many of my wealthier clients specialize in somewhat unorthodox importation into the United States of these assault weapons. Now they are free to the public.

    Having quite a bit of nomenclature in the field of firearms, I do recognize the ban focused more on cosmetics than actual use, but to the general public having a banned weapon in somewhat of a status symbol in American culture (especially in urban areas).

    What are your personal beliefs on the assualt weapon ban repeal.
  2. I'm going to kill you with a blunderbuss full of rusty forks.
  3. There's a huge topic about it already. TDK will certainly show up here in about 25 seconds and tear you a new asshole.
  4. You have quite a bit of nomenclature? Please, explain how that works.
  5. So lets analyze this. You hate the assault weapon ban's sunset because you liked having people break it, and you fealt hardcore and special having banned weapons that others couldn't access.

    By the way, you can not have quite a lot of a "system of names" or a "method of naming".

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