I have something to say to you guys (NOT REAL!

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by Amazing Asian, Dec 31, 2007.

  2. Dude you almost ruined this thread with your bball shit. I was getting so pissed off because I'm fragile as ****.
  3. LOL, the bball shit was prime, you emotionally fragile fAGgot
  4. Originally I had nothing to do with the thread, AA even almost tricked me into thinking he was gay. Although, I still question his sexuality; this thread changes nothing.

    Anyways, once I found out it was a gag I wanted to participate in the thread so I just pseudo-freaked out, I didn't think it would actually go anywhere... Everyone started to eat it up though, immediately, and so me and AA saw potential and decided to harness it. We never actually planned anything until we spilled the beans about the 3some. It was serious work trying to get all the details together, especially since we never expected to have to make anything out of the earlier bickerings.
  5. Why don't you go make out with you BuiFriend
  6. i also noticed AA said he didn't know he was gay in the 3some, but said in the original post he found out at about 14. I didn't wanna question him, I thoguht he was just a confused FAGGOT*

    *still thinks this*
  7. **** you, you whiney b1tch. I have to go to school so I CAN FuCKING PROVIDE FOR YOU but when I get home I'm going to fUCKING TWEAK ON YOU.
  9. lets spend the night togheter, now I need you more than ever
  10. I think I'm gonna go get my swell on. burb
  11. your gay
  12. Theres a hole in my heart, deep as a well for that poor little Bui who's stuck halfway to hell
  13. lul
  16. i just read 31 pages..this thread was hella gay
  17. don't you mean "hecka"
  18. This is NORCAL biotch we say hella hella much.
  19. I guess I'm a bit late to ask for cliffs eh?
  20. I have a wife, from whom I get pussy from time to time.
  21. no... during my exploration of the two words "hecka" and "hella" i found they carry almost the same meaning as "heck" or "hell" just in adjective form. hella is necessary in describing this thread, because hecka just doesnt carry enough weight.
  22. ok. if thats how you want it to be, your choice. do you honestly think i cant bribe fazle for your ip adress? everyone has a price. im on 2 grams of test a week and a gram of tren. do this a couple months back, ok, i mightve let it slide, now, someone so much as looks at me the wrong way an theres gonna be probs, lucky for me they always back the #$%# down so i dont gotta get my hands dirty. i know youll try the same when shit hits the fan but dont think ill be so linient, cause i wont.
    dont say i didnt warn you.
  23. naw dude in another thread he said hecka and got called out for it because he's a FAGGOT
  24. theyre #$%#ing lying, it's real.
  25. Then he must be hella gay.

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