I hope this happens.

Discussion in '2006 Dodge Challenger Concept' started by granturismo1, Jan 6, 2006.

  1. i realy hope it happens so we can make it go one on one with the Mustang and the GTO
  2. i realy hope it happens so it can go vs Mustang and GTO
  3. i read an article that as of right now its a no go, they simply don't have the resources or the factory capabilities to produce it...all plants are producing at full capacity... but if they expand a new factory or get an open spot its definately a go...the article said 2010 at the earliest i think...i hope it happens because this car is the shit...it would make up for the charger #$%# up
  4. Only simialarities, rear Mustang GT lights, rear Challanger concept lights, and even those are kinda different.

    What are you on about?
  5. This does look damn good, I think i would change the wheels though.
  6. This is a smart move on the part of Dodge. The Charger was a real disappointment and failure for them so bringing this back would be smart. Or, actually, what'd be smarter is if they totally redesigned the Charger to something like this so then production would come quicker than 2010 or something. If they stick with this, this would be the smart response to the Mustang and the future Camaro/Firebird/GTO. The return of the Camaro is almost for absolute certain now as will be the complete redesigning of the GTO. The Firebird is just a theory and rumor in case the Camaro turns for GM the same way the Charger was for Dodge. They're taking the Zeta Platform from Holden and were using it for the next GTO when the idea came up to use the platform for the next Camaro and also the Buick Velite concept, which is another car I'd like to see meet production. The GTO will be going back to the 66 model design and the Camaro to the 69 design. No word on the Firebird at all. Whatever. I welcome them all.
  7. I really like this car, but long is retro going to rule.
  8. Too bulky. Something a little more slender and less "gas hoggish" looking would be more appealing. Mustang did it right, and it look great, but still feels like a boat for those who have driven the 05 models. They could afford to tone it down in size I would say, since those who want a bigger car could go for the Charger (cough overly huge Magnum anyone? cough). Then they could shorten the same platform the charger used width and length wise, chop off a couple hundred pounds, give it the same 5.7L and 6.1L beast engines as its Chrysler Cousins, and then we'd have a real contender on our hands.
  9. I'm thinking more along the longs of the Mustang and soon to be (hopefully) 2007/8 Camaro Gm plans on launching. THAT would be classic. All new Mustangs, Challengers, and Camaros duking it out, the first time all three of them were competing head to head (similtaneously) since the 60's! Am I right?
  10. My sentiments exactly! For me, this totally redeems dodge (not a big charger fan). The lines are carry-overs, but the details really set it apart. The guage panel looks like a set of cylinder sleeves! Very origional.

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