I just had the fattest sandwhich ever.

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by Mustang Cobra R, Dec 9, 2007.

  1. I didn't think it could get much worse. Oh, but it did. Cherry Valley (for the few NYers who may be familar) makes a sandwhich called the "Cowboy." It is the epitome of American obesity. Contents include:
    American Cheese
    Mozzarella Cheese
    Monterey Jack Cheese
    Onion Rings
    French Fries
    and oh yeah, DEEP FRIED STEAK!

    F$@%king fried steak!! How fat can you possibly get? But damn, was it good.

    P.S. They also make deep fried Oreos. Oreos dipped in pancake batter, then fried.
  2. pics aren't loading
  6. I didn't photograph it, I ate it.
  7. There is only two types of meat. fail
  8. I don't think you understand: DEEP FRIED STEAK. It tasted like pure cholesterol.
  9. I had about a dozen latkes, a pound of brisket, some salad, a bottle of Manischewitz, and some jelly filled donuts for dinner.
  10. Sandwiches containing more than two kinds of cheese are pretty much doomed to failure.
  11. I had a homemade meatball sandwich with fresh marinara and Parmesan cheese.
  12. You inspired me. I just made/ate 2 egg/tomato/cucember/mayo/mustard/ketchup/chicken/cheese sandwiches. There good.
  13. ugh @ onion rings and fries in your sandwich
  14. Mixing cheeses sounds a bit strange
  15. American vulgarity.
  16. sounds really really disgusting.
  17. I really need to show your mother this post, avatar and all. I would approach her solemnly with it.
  18. But seriously, I'm still confused. Why were there fries and onions rings in your sandwich? Did they put the napkins and Coke in to it too?
  19. It would be better with only one type of cheese in it.
  20. who cares about the cheese?!?!?! it has #$%#ing steak and fries on it!
  21. It's true, steak and fries do make a good sandwhich.
  22. I still think it sounds delicious though
  23. Onion Rings and Fries are a must on any sandwich.

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