I just ordered Miracle Fruit...

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by SmilinGoat, Mar 29, 2009.

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    have any of you tried this stuff yet? im getting the tablets, i hope they work as well as the fruit does...

    basically it makes things taste differently in your mouth than they normally would, so lemons and vinegar both taste good instead of bad.

  2. i dunno about you but vinegar tastes great to me.
  3. Yeah I like lemons and limes too, I'd still try this just to see the difference.
  4. What's wrong with how they normally taste? If I wanted a sweet lemon i'd have an orange.
  5. well im talking about having a mouth full of the stuff, i like vinegar and lemon/lime as well, but not when its in a large amount.

    anyway, im very excited.
  6. What do you think poo would taste like?
  7. pee.
  8. sweet poo
  9. lets find out, i got it to try with a few friends of mine, problem is i rarely see them, we will be doing it at the denny's outside of seatac on April 19th at about midnight-6am, you bring the shit, i'll bring the "berries"
  10. Like, clean poo.
  11. 83% cocoa dark chocolate.
  12. From my experience they seem to work only with sour foods, but the tablets work great even if you take only half.
  13. I didn't photograph my sandals because they're barely even shoes.
  14. what do they taste like
  15. That was a result of me trying to post a picture of my shoes.


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