I know the 0-60!!!!!!!

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    Sorry guys, for some reason the stats aren't showing, but still go the site and look it up.
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    I posted a pic of the street version
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    None of you did anything you said!<!-- Signature -->
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    I should have known better than to listen to your outrageous claims.<!-- Signature -->
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    NO the site says they'll review the info-it is really gay about it<!-- Signature -->
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    sorry it didnt say, but anyways the 0-60 is 3.3!!!!!!!!!!!
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    (no offense, but that doesn't matter)<!-- Signature -->
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    it can tell you about the gearing of the car thats about it
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    I'll bet it's 0-60 at about 2.2 sec and 0-100 at about 4.0 sec.
    Any questions?
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    depends on the gearing
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    gotta love the Porche!

    The Killer
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  13. good taste!

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