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Discussion in '1994 BMW 850 CSi' started by SL55 AMG, Nov 5, 2002.

  1. I like this car, the design is very sleaky, but i don't know why it didn't get any success,,
    can someone help me?
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    The car was too heavy and too expensive, it was also incredibly rare. There were also other cars that were faster than this car that were only a fraction of the price
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    It got pounded by Mercedes and their team of V-12 supercars. BMW dident really want to spend all the money to keep up and there are only so many people who can afford these types of cars. BMW made the right choice by killing the 8 series and spending money on the M3 and other smaller sedans where they have the advantage.
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    But what you have to admit is that this was the most beautiful supercar of that time. And still, though ages old, looks rather good on the street.
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    Not the nicest looking, not a supercar, just an expensive sports car. I like it. It has got class and rarety for an oldish car. Plus it can still go.
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    I love this car, its just cool, i dun care how fast it goes, id be happy to just to own one. im sure itd turn a few heads in adelaide.
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    My friend rearended a oxblood red one in Georgetown 3 days ago. Sure is gonna suck for him, as someone in here was discussing the exceeding rarity of these autos, even for a $100,000 car. Bon voyage, insurance!
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    This car has attitude!
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    Well good man notice the transmission, tire size and the fact this is supposed to be the highest BMW and its only equipped with a 4 vpc SOhC engine when BMW produces a 627 hp V12. Hope it answers ur questions.

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