I like it!

Discussion in '2001 Isuzu GBX Concept' started by painkiller, Aug 10, 2002.

  1. Nice shape.
    Looks durable.
    Fantastic interior.

    I also like the green paint job. I would be a proud owner of this vehicle.<!-- Signature -->
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    not bad. i like it as well.<!-- Signature -->
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    Looks 1000X better looking than the Axiom. Nice interior, a person could live in one of these things.<!-- Signature -->
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    I kinda like it too! I bet its a realy nice ride.<!-- Signature -->
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    I like it too, but I don't think any cars are that durable any more with all the plastic they use.
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    ur also a homo, so .....
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    they who live in glass houses shall not throw stones...(refer to post above this one) I am still undecided on this GBX...looks a little too boxy for me...
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    my step-dad will like one
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    I really don't find this car much different to the Honda Element in it's concept, of being a trendy, practical vehicle for which to go skiing and doing other "Lifestyle" activities.

    however i am not a fan of the Kermit Paintjob, maybe a nice blue....
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    well it is a nice change from the dark huge sturdy work trucks

    it looks like a very nice family car and yes it looks a lot like a hummer and a honda element

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