I love it.

Discussion in '2002 GM Autonomy Concept' started by Ultimate, Sep 10, 2002.

  1. I love the Idea behind this. All cars are gonna go electric one day and this is a great start. One day an Electric car with tons of torque, and MPBATTERY LIFE will come out and then internal combustion engines will be obsolete.
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    yeah I agree
    but this is not an electric car, it uses fuel cells.
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    hydrogen I think
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    no, uranium
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    I have no idea what fuel it uses
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    it uses hydrogen, and when that is used, it's only waste product is water, no co2 emmissions, no f'ing up the environment anymore
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    exactaly what i thought, where did they get uranium?
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    this car is just phenominal. Can anybody tell me the cars website, and a list of all the information that are not lister on the car specifications list. Thankz.
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    Uranium? wtf you mean this car has a nuclear reactor? haha, now that's real funny. Fyi: this "cars powered by hydrogen" was actually thought up by a filipino, I think. This Filipino kinda built his own engine with a corolla as it's base. Germans have a problem with H as fuel, the price, storage, and transport, that is. So this guy utilized water as the fuel, where in hydrogen is extracted from the water in the engine itself, then the hydrogen is used. He sold the idea to I'm not sure what company...

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