i love it

Discussion in '1969 Nissan Skyline 2000GTR' started by BMW Fan 356, Jan 29, 2004.

  1. id be happy to have this in my driveway. dont listen to any of these american muscle car dickheads, this car will kill any american POS on the track in its era. american cars back then are still like how they are today, ugly, boring, and cant handle or brake for shit.
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    i love it too
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    Rather have a 1969 Camaro RS 396 Big Block in my driveway!!
  4. Ha ha ha... Oh boys, you're a funny one. Listen here, do you want to know why no one ever talked about Japanese cars before the 80's? Back there we had cars with 400+HP and 500+lbs of Torque. You're just kidding yourself. You can have your Shit-Box Skyline, I've been in it, and I've felt it's handling. It's horrible and slow. First off it's can't go any faster then 60MPH, and thats on the highway. We had to drive it to my uncle's garage when we didn't have the space to fix it. Turning, the car feels like it's about to flip over and this is on a slightly curved highway. When accelerating it's slow as all hell, and man. I thought Civics sounded bad, I was embarrissed to be in this car, and the Design?! You're calling American Cars POS's? You can't adjust or letalone see the side view mirrors and worst yet the inside is cramped, my seat was all the way back and my knees were still above the dash board. I'd say a Pinto handled better then this car. It's a lame history to have for such a "Dream Car" of today. At least American "POS"'s have history and a reason to be called Muscle. Go drive your 69 Shitline, I'll stick with my Camaro. Oh by the way, this cars brakes are worse then any American car, let me tell you that. On the track, I'd say if this car isn't going anything less then 15MPH, it'll crash. Enjoy your car.

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