i love this car

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  1. I pray to god nighly that ill wake up with this in my drive. This car can hold you and four of your friends and you can moon those gay poser tunercars as you fly past them
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    it for 3
    2 in the front one left behind and the engine right behind
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    engine takes up the whole back.
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    I would rather prey that a Edonis came up my drive, this thing doesnt have good design at all. But i admit that the engine and the speed are great
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    You are obsessed!!!! I would prefer this!
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    look at the picture, if you have functional eyes, you will notice 4 seats and not 3
  7. DESIGN!!!

    SupraMan, what about the looks! Have you forgotten that this has the look of an ordinary family car, whilst the Edonis, is an italian Supercar. So guys, what would you prefer. A French ordinary looking car with a fast acceleration, or a great looking italian supercar with high topspeed.
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    i would rather have the acceleration, because if you have a good top speed the other guys will be flying past you while you just climbing to you peak. i forgot what lambo... it was but i saw it in a video and it took forever got it to get up to 210mph. i mean forever.......
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    aww come on are they serious???!?!?!?! this looks like a van! its just funny a veichal that looks like a van and goes this fast?!
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    Never underestimate a car by appearence
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    Just imaginge pulling up at some lights next to a Ferrari F50 in this and leaving it in a cloud of dust behind you.
  12. Re: DESIGN!!!

    I dont care about the top speed really, seeing as it is illegal in most places in the world to use it.
  13. What a car!!!

    I have never ever seen a station wagon that accelerates like this!! What else can you say than why arent these in production? A great car!!
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    What is the top speed of the edonis again? id rather this
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    Leave it to the French to make a strange car, but I like it. It earns the title as, "World's Fastest Minivan"
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    you should of been banned by now
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    shut up
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    this car is truly a work of art! trust renault to be so cool.. they needed the kudos i guess.. their production cars arent the best.. but this is the best..
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    im soo suprised!! it looks like a van <A BORDER="0" HREF="http://www.supercars.net/emoticons.html"><IMG BORDER="0" SRC="http://speed.supercars.net/cboardhtml/emoticons/smile.gif"></A>
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    THis is sweet, but what is it exactly? I mean it's good, but it's like my mom's volvo.
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    Europe=Cars that are extremely ugly.
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    This is the most ugly performance-car i've ever seen.
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    I like the numbers, but it's hard to get over the fact that it's a MINIVAN, but hey I gotta respect Renault cause if they can get a van going this fast what can they do to a true sports CAR?....
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    Guy in the renault: Hey, wanna drag race?
    Guy in the Ferrari Enzo: Hey sure! (no kidding...)
    Guy in the renault: On the green!
    Guy in the Enzo: Is he serious? a damned minivan!?!
    ~green light turns on~
    ~guy in the "damned minivan" smokes the enzo~
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    its on gran turismo 2

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