i love this car

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    World's quickest Van?
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    i dont think an enzo can smoke this this thingys topspeed is only 312kph compared 2 the Enzo's 351kph
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    Of course you're gonna reach the 300's on the green :p im talknig drag race.

    Wow... this would be so pimp... i'd put some shag carpet in it... and a magic door hehe... such a chick magnet.
  5. Espace F1, je t'adore

    The first was equiped with the engine from the Williams-Renault 1992 (F1 drivers: Nigel Mansell Ricardo Patrese) and the second with the engine from the 1993 cars (which won 10 races on 16 in the year, and a fourth title for Alain Prost).
    The next year the prototype was created, this car was the Pace-car from the "France's Grand-Prix". Its lap times was only one second slower than Formula 1. No comments.
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    I LOVE THIS CAR AS WELL...(and i love u<A BORDER="0" HREF="http://www.supercars.net/emoticons.html"><IMG BORDER="0" SRC="http://speed.supercars.net/cboardhtml/emoticons/smile.gif"></A> )
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    I point out that it is MATRA which designed this car. For an unknown reason, the Matra firm is not on the forum in spite of 3 victories with the "24h du Mans", 1 title of champion of the world of F1, and three titles of champion of Europe of F2. (Admin???)

    A links, where you could find all you want on Matra:


    !!!VIVA MATRA!!!
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    This is the ugliest car ever! How duz it have such a good 0-60
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    Ya know, this would be alot of fun! If u had like 4-5 kids or so and your late for work, just step on the gas! for a van, it sure does move! Although i have seen a tuned up bus with 1800 hp....but wth what a fun thing it would be to drive! And its a van!


    I sat in a saleen s7 once, and it took me for a ride!
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    My list of things that are (or would be) fun to drive!

    sub-3 sec Minivan
    1800hp schoolbus
    1500hp turbine Go-Kart
    15hp RC car
    5hp air conditioner
    20hp wheelchair
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    tight engine n the looks aren't my style.....but over all, if some1 gave it to me I wouldn't complain.
  14. This car's a freakin Pimp Mobil!
  15. It's not ugly, it's just funny as hell for being a van that beats out most every car in acceleration
  16. Greatest van ever

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