I need a job so badly.

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by op, Sep 8, 2008.

  1. give up....accept that you've become a loser.

    No really man, you can't get a job better than holding a sign? 9/hr is actually good considering homeless people do it for almost nothing all day too...but, go to a Wal-mart, mcdonalds, taco bell, whatever, there is always half-decent jobs at those. Do you have any hobbies and such? when I was younger I got a job at a rc car store just cause I asked the owner and told him I would work for cheap and just wanted to be around the shop instead of wasting my time. Alot of store/shop owners are willing to give people a chance if they will work for cheap/show interest/dedication.
  2. Easy or not, it's #$%#ing awful. I don't care what you're listening to or how zoned out you are, time is going to absolutely crawl. I see people doing it here in the summer, sometimes in big foam suits or whatever... SOOOO awful.
  3. haw! Get ready to make 35k a year for the rest of your life, chucklehead.

    Edit: if you move to Toronto. Otherwise, count on 27.
  4. Jesus, keep looking
  5. become some rich old f@g's boytoy
  6. Bad news : to get a job, you need someone to hire you.

    Good luck.
  7. Easy there, Aristotle.
  8. just tryin 2 help u
  9. Also I'm sure you could get a desk job if you just look around. Get whatever job and work hard to get a promotion. If nothing else you can say "look, I finished school, so I'm not a complete f*cktard".

    Or go to farmers college. That's what I wish I'd done sometimes...

    Also take a course in book-keeping or something. Would make it a lot easier to land a decent white collar job I'd think.
  10. I wish I had gone to culinary school.
  11. Get a job with your university.
  12. Omg I want to troll so much in here <A BORDER="0" HREF="http://www.supercars.net/PitLane?displayFAQ=y"><IMG BORDER="0" SRC="pitlane/emoticons/sad.gif"></A>
  13. Trolling is mean, ok?
  14. Nah my buddy has a friend who did that I see around at the bars, he's not doing shit (worked at SportChek last I saw). You have to go to a big-shit school for it to be worth anything, or better yet have the money to start your own restaurant.

    Or do wut I is and join the military, get lots of 'leadership' experience, and have some credibility and confidence when you get a real job... I'd rather put up with that than be a low-level desk slave for years.
  16. Edited.

    I won't troll.
  21. What's a 'real job' and how do you plan on getting one?
  22. i thought he joiuned the army r sumnthin
    i dunno

    i sleep on a gum mat an play vidya gfames all day

    #$%# wut ya heard
  24. I just got something from a guy I know that works at Hydro-One you should be interested in...

    "The Hydro One/PWU (Power Workers Union) Joint Lines Training Committee(JLTC) is responsible for the establishment and maintenance of a Linesperson apprenticeship training program as provided in Appendix "A" between Hydro One and the PWU.

    The JLTC currently requires 48 Linesperson Apprentices to be hired at the start of 2009. The apprentices will be hired in Kleinburg and remain there for approximately three weeks after which they will be transferred throughout the province. The jointly organuzed program is a four-year apprenticeship that, when successfully concluded, provides Power Line Technician status.

    Applicants are encouraged to send their resume, cover letter and high school transcripts showing the successfull completion of Grade 12, Including Grade 12 Mathematics and Grade 12 English to the following address by September 26, 2008. Failure to provide all required information will result in your application not being reviewed. Only successful applicants will be contacted."

    I can send you the mailing address if you want
  25. Are the four years paid? I can't go to school agaiiiiiin.

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