I need a new phone

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by Archaeopteryx, Dec 6, 2013.

  1. What should I buy?

    Things I like:
    -battery life
    -call people
    -send messages
    -go on internet
    -reasonable price
    -reasonable size
    -expandable memory wih microsd slot

    I may get a smartphone so that i can go on SnapChat like all my friends. I have had a look at the newest Nexus something, the LG G2, and some Sony Xperia Z or something. They all seem alright.

    I kinda want a Microsoft phone because then I can use Zune and all my playlists and the OS looks very pretty, but I've heard they're not so good (not that many apps).

    Recommend me please.
  2. apple or samsung or htc one or nexus

    whatever you like / however different you wish to be
  3. iphone5s its basic and not a #$%#ing shoebox, size-wise
  4. i think maybe nexus 5

    is a good phone?
  5. don't want an iphonse
  6. iPhone5 is amazing at everything but it eats battery life like a pig. Maybe this is fixed for iPhone 5S, but I don't know.
  7. I finally got my iPhone 5S and I'm liking it quite a lot. It's like my iPhone 4 but a little better in every way. Still that #$%#ing iTunes though.
  8. The human mind is never satisfied.
  9. nexus 5, or wait for that lg phone that can fold.
  10. why do humans need modern gagets, do animals in the jungle have phones?
  11. my iphonse5 easily outlast a day, with email/call/voip calls and vpn shit
    what you doing
  12. LG G2 isn't that great.

    HTC One, Samsung S4, Nexus 5. The best phonse.
  13. 5s battery is a hell of a lot better.

    get iphone
  14. I'm kinda hoping that Apple will get into just enough of financial trouble to panic and drop iTunes as the needed interface for dealing with most of the phone content through your computer.

    I kinda miss the flexibility of my Nokia N900 even though the iPhone is a much better allaround product.
  15. iTune is hella bad indeed
  16. not me , and not because I like Itunes is the greatest , its good at what it does but its too big and fat.

    if anything what I would like to see happen is Itunes will get split up into separate programs they have been talking about this for a while
  17. Ahhh, In this wilderness of life i am indeed falling.
  18. yes excellent #1 top phone
  19. Hello Chritofurr
  20. I love my Note 3. Kinda wish I got the HTC One. The battery on the Note is killer. I've gone over 2 days with moderate usage. That's from today. The One is defintely a nicer phone in terms of build and sound quality. The Note is pretty rock solid though.
  21. Revolution in the 21st century
  22. You say you want an SD slot and two out of three of the phones you list don't have one. I have an S4 and I'd still take it over the Nexus 5 for that reason, and the better camera. The G2 has great battery life but also no SD slot. If I were buying a phone right now I might take the Xperia Z1 over the S4 because of the camera and that it's waterproof.
  23. I had a HTC One for a while.

    good phone, but the UI is a bit clunky.

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