I smoked it with ease!..

Discussion in '1994 Mercedes-Benz SL 500' started by american cars r king, Aug 10, 2002.

  1. Its a great car great looking & tough ,however i raced 1 in a traffic road & smoked it with my 00 Mustang GT.maybe there's a problem with the driver!:p
  2. Re: I smoked it with ease!..

    Its a luxury roadster you idiot!! its not a race car!! have you tried to smoke the 1995 SL73 with your mustang???? or for instance the 2003 SL55???
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    man this guys dumb!
  4. If the one he raced was stock, I can understand that, but I currently own one, and it is not in the least bit stock. I took out the old 5.0L V8 and put in a brand new AMG 5.5L V8, hooked up Quad HKS 12psi Turbochargers, and did plenty of other mods, and now it runs around 650-725 HP and 750-825 lb.ft. of torque. I'd like to race that guys Mustang GT, and see how quickly I can beat him.

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