i think i killed our state bird, yo

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by Comunista, Dec 15, 2006.

  1. i was driving like 50, and a cardinal swooped down at my fender, and then i didnt see it anymore.

  2. The cardinal is every state's bird. Man people need to be creative.
  3. it's cuz its a flashy bird. which is how i noticed it bonk into my car.
  4. ive heard of so many cardinals being smashed by cars in mid flight..... wat is wrong w/ them.....
  5. American Robin, ftw.
  6. In Soviat Russian state animals kill you.
  7. Our state bird is a bear.
  8. if you were american, then it would make sense, because even american animals are fat ! LOL OLOLL OL FAT JOKE
  9. Louisianas state bird is the Brown Pelican. Big ouch if you run into one of those.
  10. big ouch for driving in louisiana
  11. B@STERD
  12. Choose something interesting.

    Oh, and I just found out that our state bird is, you guessed it, the cardinal.
  13. cuz your state's got good taste.

    my mom puts bird seed out on our deck so our cats can watch the birds from our house. and they always go nuts for the male cardinals.
  14. i never hit a cat, dog, squirrel or anything like that, the only thing i ever hit was a bird
  15. a few days ago, I saw a raptor. On closer inspection, it was a bald eagle VERRY rare sighting in Illinois. I didn't get all patriotic, but it did make me kinda smiley.
  16. terrorist.
  17. Our state bird doesn't fly around, it runs across the road with 23 kids in tow. I hate waiting for those damn things.
  18. Our state bird eats people, damn alligators.
  19. I hate Cardinals (last name)
  20. Our state bird is the Kookaburra.
  21. The North Carolina State beverage is milk.

    We have a State southestern watermelon festival AND a State northeastern watermelon festival.

    We have a State red berry (strawberry) and a State blue berry (blueberry).

    Best of all, we have a State carnivorous plant, the venus flytrap.
  22. Our country bird is a Emu..i wouldnt want to hit that with a car
  23. A Yugo perhaps.
  24. dude you totally pulled a Dale Earnhardt, Sr. circa 1994. When leading the Daytona 500, nailed a seagull with the -IIRC-right front of his Lumina & ruined the aero & the race for him. Damn birds.
  25. A year or two ago in the Bathurst 1000 a guy hit a kangaroo and it completely #$%#ed up the front of his car. If you hit one at like 100 km/h on the highway they can easily break your radiator and stuff.

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