I think I'm going to buy an FJ Cruiser.

Discussion in 'Asian Forums' started by sixspeedfirebird, Apr 10, 2014.

  1. No and no/no.
  2. Looks awesome. I wouldn't change a thing except the shift knob like you said. The outside is perfect. Should be a lot of fun. Post muddy pics soon.
  3. I heard they're not that reliable.
  4. Stock they are meh, never thought much of them until I saw one with a small lift (2" maybe), mud terrain tires, roof rack and a brush guard.
  5. Apparently the black TRD knobs I've seen / I want are super rare, only came on a few hundred 2007 TRD special editions, last real set I could find sold for over $300. So... That's not happening.

    Gotta find something though, don't like the chrome knobs at all
  6. You need to update your sig.
  7. This is a good car.
  8. Link me the TRD knobs you want.
  9. https://vpix.us/dealerpics/312_V2014031209071522.jpg

    As far as I know they were only available on the 2007 TRD Special Edition FJs, and considering how few of these trucks are manuals, there are basically zero used sets out there.

    Someone said I could try to order them through Toyota with the VIN from an 07 Special Edition (JTEBU11F370059698).
  10. And rounder. The rounder your wheels are the better.
  11. PM'd
  12. Awesome, thanks!

    (ps, I thought the PM system was still brok'd)
  13. weirdly, it's been working for ages. probably over a year, but since it was broken for probably 5 years everyone stopped using it
  14. I like the look of them but it's a pretty awful car to drive. It has huge blind spots, like sitting in a bathtub.
  15. So you've driven an F50 then?
  16. F50 >>>>>>> F40
  17. Just got the truck home, initial thoughts are that holy shit 900 miles in 24 hours is a lot and I'm going to sleep.

    FJ much better highway cruiser than I expected, didn't beat the shit out of me or anything.
  18. Weeeee, go FJ go.
  19. can't fit into my parking lot at work for sure
  20. It's perfect the way it is. Congrats.
  21. Looks great.
  22. yeah shit that looks great. didn't realise these have been around since 07 or that they had a low range gearbox.
  23. The manuals are full time 4wd with a 40/60 or 30/70 split and 3.91 gears, so far I'm yet to need the full 4wd lock or low range and I've already put it in some.. Interesting situations.
  24. Does it have diffs or does it use e-diffs? I've been taking a GC off road recently and it only has e-diffs and low range, and its surprisingly good off road.
  25. Been putting t to good use the last couple days.

    It has locking mechanical diffs.

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