I think it's a sweet idea

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  1. Adding the blower was cool. Like the turbo projects back in the late 80s, the turbo buick and turbo trans am.

    but I think ford and GM should focus not only on making more hp but also on reduceing the weight of these cars. If the new cobra weighed in at 3200 lbs like the GT, it would be fast as hell.

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    Um, aluminum has a higher heat resistance than Iron.
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    lol, think what you like, but Iron has a much lower melting point.

    true, Aluminum does vibrate more than Iron, because it's molecules are a fair bit less dense, however unlike Iron it can be machined far more precisely, as a result aluminum block parts are fitted far more precisely, allowing for less movement which results in little vibration.

    btw - reliability ratings on cars with aluminum blocks vs. Iron blocks would contradict what you say.
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    Well, maybe Ford just can't design a reliable aluminum block then, fact remains that nearly all Japanese engines have been made out of aluminum for years, and a vast majority (if not all) of European imports as well, and consumer reliability ratings favour Japanese and European cars over American cars.

    But again, you can think what you like.
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    MORON, you are wrong accept that and stop argueing. You're an idiot who has no knowledge of vehicles, so stop now. The iron block in the new cobra was used for one reason, to take the heat the roots blower was going to put out, period. D-O Y-O-U U-N-D-E-R-S-T-A-N-D?
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    Yes I understand this, it still doesn't change the fact that Aluminum has a higher melting point and that cars with aluminum blocks are more reliable.

    D-O Y-O-U U-N-D-E-R-S-T-A-N-D?
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    Woah, don't get ahead of yourself there buddy, solid is different from dense, Iron is more DENSE than Aluminum, and it has a lower heat resistance than Aluminum. I've seen far more Iron blocks that have cracked than Aluminum blocks (3 as opposed to a grand total of 1), not only is Aluminum more light weight, but it has more structural integrity. THAT is a fact, YOU deal with it. Also, if you would just look at engine reliability ratings with cars, you'd see that cars with Aluminum blocks have a far better track record than Iron blocks. THAT is also a fact! Again YOU deal with it! I haven't seen you post one response yet in which you were right, with the exception of the 2001 SVT Cobra link in which that site agreed with everything I've said about the 2001 SVT Cobra. Would you care to post an example, cause I dunno where you get this ridiculous idea from.
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    Here's an Aluminum comparison the 2004 STI we will be getting in North america has a 2500cc Aluminum block, 4cyl. engine (boxer engine) with a turbocharger, and it puts out 300hp and 300lbft of torque, it's going to be considerably faster thant he 2003 Cobra (the 2.0 liter STI with 265hp and 255lbft is already just as fast 0-100 anyway), and I have yet to see a Mustang outlast an Impreza, and that STI has a much higher compression than the 2003 SVT Cobra.

    Now, let's see, BMW, Mercedes, and Audi all use Aluminum blocks, and who's been making high performance cars longer? well it's certainly not Ford. Do you honestly think that the guys at SVT have more intelligence than countless generations of engineers from numerous other manufacturers who have made much faster cars with much more power and torque? dream on.

    As I said before, Ford likely just doesn't know how to make a reliable Aluminum engine, let's look at the reasons. a)ford has not made very many cars with Aluminum blocks, b)ford isn't exactly known for making the most stellar Aluminum blocks c)many other companies who have made much higher performance engines that were much more reliable engines always use Aluminum blocks, many of these are known for designing good Aluminum blocks.

    BTW, according to a recent IQ test (about a year ago) it's quite possible that I'm more intelligent than "the guys at SVT". However, being an engineer doesn't really interest me, the career path I've chosen, or becoming a world class rally driver are the only real careers that interest me (well there are a few others, unfortunately my family does not come from a wealthy enough background to follow those pursuits).

    Aluminum is more stable than Iron. (as far as heat goes, perhaps not as far as pressure goes - I don't know which resists pressure more, the two have similar effects though, so I would imagine Aluminum can withstand more pressure, also I've seen more cracked Iron blocks than Aluminum so that may be indicative)
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    Please stop saying the wrx, and the sti are as fast or faster then the 2003 svt cobra, they are not. None of them run a 12.4 second quarter mile, and they(motor trend) already tested the sti and it ran a 14 flat in the quarter(I will say it should be a bit faster, maybe a 13.7). PLEASE MORON STOP MAKING DUMBASS POST.
    And again I highly doubt that you I.Q. is even close to average, let along above it. It's pretty easy to say that you're smart on the net, people who usually do aren't.
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    Tell you what, when the real STI arrives in North America, you can find out for yourself, I'm through arguing a point with such an ignoramus, the tested and generally accepted 1/4 time for the 265hp STI is 13.1, if Motor trend got less, then what can I say? they must suck, or perhaps they were running a low octane, or (most likely) it wasn't a real STI.

    I'm not claiming anything, I just pointed out that there's a good chance I could easily be among them if I so desired (again, according to test results), and sorry to say but there's an incredibly undeniable chance that it's above yours.

    BTW - it was fools like you who called Einstein stupid (no, I'm not making any assumption that I'm anywhere close to his level)
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    People did not understand him or what his ideas were all about, you on the other hand just spit out bullshit all the time which has been proven wrong over and over.
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    They also claimed what he said was bullshit because it went against "common knowlege"....hmmm sounds much like someone else here....
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    Only one difference, his claims were about things that people had no clue about at the time, on the other hand it's common knowledge what cars run in the quarter mile, not some new scientific discovery. Sound nothing like somebody here...
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    Yes, but power delivery is improving all the time, and 1/4 times improve with more wheels delivering power to the ground, you're just so ignorant you base your "knowledge" on decade old facts, a far cry from "common knowledge".
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    This is actually amusing....

    The melting point for Aluminum is 660.325 Deg C
    The melting point for Iron is 1535 Deg C

    The GTR and Supra use Iron blocks to withstand the high heat of turbo-charged engines (as high as 800C). Aluminum blocks and high PSI do not mix....hence Hennessey's failure of the 800TT. Yeah...it's good for a couple runs...until the block itself starts to warp from the heat...and then BOOM....bye bye 15k engine.

    Manufacturers use Aluminum engines to decrease rotational inertia and increase max RPM'S in addition to creating a lighter engine.

    All the aftermarket internals for the RB26DETT and 2JZ are forged steel...which would contradict the idea that aluminum has better heat resistance than Iron.
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    Just like rustangs said, thank you. Password try to talk yourself out of this one...?
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    I don't understand why you all "seem" to have this "us vs them" mentality...I'm in it to find facts, not defend one point or the other......
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    I stand corrected.

    I don't know why, but somehow I got confused between Aluminum Alloys and Aluminum itself (perhaps because some Aluminum Alloys are used for some very high heat applications?), some Aluminum Alloys have an astonishingly high heat resistance. I should know this, I've always been very good at Chemistry, though it's not included in the first year of my College program, so I'm a bit rusty, as I won't be in Chemistry until next year. It really is just the benefit of having less weight. But, nevertheless, American manufacturers seem less able to produce a good high performance Aluminum engine than other manufacturers, perhaps import manufacturers generate less friction.

    American HP - I NEVER try to talk myself out of anything. If I'm right, and have every reason to believe I'm right, then I argue my point, otherwise I'll admit defeat, if there's actually a legitimate reason to believe I'm wrong.
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    Yes you do, you say one thing (the wrx can run a 12.9 stock) then through out 20 more post you slowly change what you say (like "It could be stock). You bring the wrong facts to the table all the time and you are proven wrong again and again, yet you don't want to admit it. This is the first time you came right out and said that you were wrong.
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    LOL...as if you aren't doing the same thing in the thread above....
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    What are you talking about...?
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    That's because in this case (one in which I've been proven wrong and you were actually involved in the discussion) I am wrong. However, on no other occasion in which you were involved was I wrong. I've admitted myself wrong on other occasions in which I've been proven wrong, you just weren't there to see it.

    And again you have the posts screwed up, I said that the 12.3 sec. WRX could be stock. I've never said that the 12.91 sec. WRX "...could be stock", as there's no doubt it wasn't stock, I've always said the 12.91 sec. WRX is stock,and not once did I say otherwise, because IT IS STOCK.

    Unlike you, I'll always admit I'm wrong when I am wrong, but ONLY if I am wrong.
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    If I'm not mistaken, I believe he would be referring to this discussion:


    look halfway down the page, to the specs on the interior space of the Mini vs. Mustang, that's the one time I've offered concrete irrefutable proof where you couldn't possibly come up with some smart @$$ comment attempting to discredit it, you did the very same thing you're accusing me of (which btw, I've NEVER done)

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