I think you're the only one

Discussion in 'Veyronman's Website Forum' started by BaRRa, Apr 1, 2006.

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  2. *we're the only three
  3. Sozz moo.
  4. he's SO stupid that it infuriates me. holy shit i hate it when i see he's posted.
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    I will reply you in all honesty I never has disliked someone who backs up Mclaren777.Why do you need to back mclaren777 because he plays rfactor with you or just because when he sees micro bikinis, you approve that he reports every thread containing such pics?
  6. You turn it around. You do nothing but attacking mclaren777 (props for writing it correctly this time) with points that totally don't make any sense.
  7. You just don't understand. Read every post I made in that thread. You stupid ****.
  8. your taste in women is disgusting
  9. Hemi is alright.
  10. He hates leftists.
  11. STFU you leftist bastard!
  12. I used to get mad when he posted, but now I just laugh because he's so ridiculous.
  13. Usually I laugh. When he says shit like what I posted above, frustrated I get.
  14. However, I do get mad when panditha posts. I hate him so much.
  15. All my preciously built-up karma-reserves went away when I wished upon a second tsunami by accident.
  16. My fist will be a tsunami that lands in his face.
  17. When gay people tell you this. You know it's time to end yourself!!!!
  18. Yes. I agree!!!!!!!
  19. Ha ha ha!!!!!

  20. lol!!!!!! wut!!!!!!!!!!
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  22. Who are you and what are you doing in my forum?
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