I want to fight you all

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by hamtamtamble, Aug 16, 2012.

  1. Cock joust
  2. in your dreams albino boy
  3. Meet at high noon, bring one revolver
    @Bloor and Sherbourne
    Toronto, ON

    Come @ me bro-bro
  4. you don't even count in this thread, francophone!

    it's already known that you're all sissy girls!

    au revoir
  5. We're gonna have to meet in the middle here bro

    Muskets @ noon
    Call when you're in the area

  6. good thing I gotta LOOOONNNNNNNNGGGGG DICK
  7. Also, marcusmv3 is still leading the league in sissy pants'n

    beat it, nerd!
  8. holy shit
  10. i live at scraps house and look exactly like scraps. come beat me up.
  11. They all live with their mothers, chucklehead.
  12. When I want to figt people on the internet I take my medication
  14. remain vigilant
    be serious
  15. Not sure about fighting.. how about a good ole turkish oil wrestle

    Oh and my mom's available, so have a go
  16. Sure go for it, I hate my mother anyway.
  17. oh jesus, V8stangmother
    oh my imagination is so wild now about pingpong and v8stangmom
  18. Is it a good kind of wild?
  19. you guys are drifting
  20. wild like bears in a garbage bin on your drivelane

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