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  1. I Know This Has Nothing To Do With The Ford Thunderbird But I Want To Point Out Is That All You People That Say Japanese Concepts Are Ugly And Shouldnt Be Built Need To Realize Something. Sure Some Japanese Concepts Are Ugly But Do You Realize That Some American Companies Are Starting To Make Electric Cars Just Like What A Japanese Company Did And That They Are Starting To Look Like Some Of The Japanese Concepts For Example The 99 Chevy Nomad Concept, In What Way Does That Look American? By Having A Chevy Badge On It? No, If I Was Walking In The Street And Ever Saw That Pass Me I Would Think It Was A Japanese Car, Anyhow I Know Some People Are Gonna Come In Here And Say That Im A Moron And All, But Thats My Opinion On What Is Happening
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    You're a moron<A BORDER="0" HREF="http://www.supercars.net/emoticons.html"><IMG BORDER="0" SRC="http://speed.supercars.net/cboardhtml/emoticons/wink.gif"></A>

    There I said it, now nobody else can.

    p.s. you're right.
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    ahhhhhhhh that makes me insane stop making everything capital!!!! AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH Yes i agree with you.
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    Bad Habit..
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    dat sux
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    Somebody please give this thread a -1 rating. Had I the number of posts I would.
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    I think your living kinda in the pass, its either you dont realize it or your just being ignorant which points out the same reason it both ways

    Try taking a look at some of Toyotas, Hondas, Acuras and maybe Nissans and if you do not see some kinda simularity to some of the american car concepts then im the idiot

    another thing i wanna point out is how american car makers are making electric cars now, from who do you think they got the idea? from Honda of course, just shows how far they are in technology, they are already at making robots, soon they'll make flying cars and so on
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    Don't forget AWS, Fuel injection, vvt, hybrid, and Performance Hybrid technology.
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    Exactly, american cars are using japanese technology
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    just like japanese cars use american technology. Example Honda uses onstar. Not to mention Superchargers, turbos, etc.

    And if you think the Nomad looks Japanese your on drugs. Everything about it screams America. Example the side mirrors, the rear end of the car, the interior is totally oldschool american modernized. Plus its fairly big.

    There is no way on earth I would agree that the Nomad looks Japanese at all. You say it looks Japanese because it looks modern as if Japan is the only one who have modern looking ideas. You probably think the razor looks Japanese as well.
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    well it is based on Japanese styling.
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    And exactly how did you discern at all what the intent of my reply was. Because I can tell that you are way off. The reason for my reply is that your topic has, as you have pointed out, absolutely NOTHING to to do with the Ford Thunderbird. For starters this is not a concept car, it is not modeled after any Japanese designs (yet was designed by Ford to be strikingly similar to the 56'-57' Thunderbird) and has nothing to do with the push towards alternatively powered designs. You should have the sense to apply that statement torwards a vehicle and a thread that might reflect some of your points. Instead, however, you deem it neccessary to inundate us with a tid bit of information that has absolutley no relevance to this forum. I do however like you the fact that you were humble enough to site the fact that you may be the idiot, as if you were something other than that you may have had the sense to research some of your information. For Example, the first really successful electric automobile was the carriage built by William Morrison of Des Moines, Iowa, in 1890. The Japanese didn't really come on the scene until some 60+ years after the US had been developing this concept of electric cars. It should also be pointed out that by 1899 ninety percent of the cabs in New York City were electric. By 1900, the Electric Vehicle Company had put hundreds of its electric Hansom cabs, modeled after the design of its horse-drawn predecessors, on the streets of the metropolis. My point is not only that you were off, yet again, but that you should be careful not to make statements without being able to back them up. Had you done a little homework, you could have spared yourself this embarrasement. In this case, I would recommend that you read "A History of Electric Cars" by Paul A. Hodges...I think you may find it illuminating. Please, next itme, don't be so bold as to make assumptions regarding a persons intent, and research what you say before you decide to make it a point. P.S. I applaud Honda's attempts to make more environmentally conscious vehicles...they may have not invented the electric car or even the concept of it, but they are deffinitely a major driving force in its insertion in the general public. Oh yes, a flying car was designed and tested by a small engineering company out of Indiana back in the early 90's. It was scrapped due to funding and pressure regarding potential safety issues. There was an interesting article on it in Scientific America (I believe it was the November issue in 98')..but don't hold me to that. Once again, do some research. It should also be noted that it would nearly impossible to determine who was the first to come up with the "rounded" designs that you see on many existing and conceptual foreign and domestic cars. Therefore, to say that the current trends in vehicle design are the result od Japanese innovations is a very empty statement. The US and Asia have been trading designs back in forth for decades, each taking a little from the other. The US may be behind the times on certain automotive issues, but that should not overshadow the fact that the US is often ahead of the times on others.
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    how the hell do you figure it's based on Japanese styling? Your foolish. The Chevy Nomad is a popular hotrod car back in the early days, there is no way there going to take a car that appeals to hot rodders and classic car and turn it into something totally different from what there audience wants.

    You only call it japansese styling because it looks modern. Thats the only reason you say that. It does not look Japanese at all. Not in the slightest.
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    No, the reason I say that is because Ford paid their Mazda designers to give it a subtle Japanese styling look, while at the same time designing it after one of the old Thunderbird models.
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    Pasword Please is the stupids person on this site I was just checking a lot of forums today and he has to be in most of them with his stupid comments that make no fu**ing sence. I bet he drives a 89 windstar. FORDS SUCK! GM is the best car of america.
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    Y the [email protected] would he drive a Ford if he's a Rally racer? In case you didn't notice he drives a Civic Si, and I agree with him, it probably makes a far better rally car than your POS Camaro.

    Your posts are considerably more opinionated than his, and you appear to be pretty dumb.

    He really only posts in Ford, Honda, Subaru and Bugatti forums, you must not be going through many forums.

    His posts are based on a fair bit of knowledge and well formulated guesstimation, yours? nothing more than BS (at least it seems that way) so try thinking before you diss somebody dumbass.
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    Actually, in the record sales, Ford is doing much better then Gm
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    When and where did I say anything that didn't make sense? I've seen some pretty embarrassingly retarded posts from yourself, yet I haven't said anything about them now have I? Just because you don't like some of my well informed opinions, doesn't mean you have to make an attempt at insulting me, why don't you go do something worthwhile and stick your head in a waffle iron for about 3 days.

    If you were actually reading some of my comments then you would know that I drive a '90 Civic si which I use as both a daily driver and as a rally beater (quite successfully I might add).
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    What the hell Are you talking about? Were we not talking about the Chevy Nomad? Every post I put up was about the Chevy Nomad. The Chevy Nomad looks in no way Japanese.

    Also I don't believe Ford Asked Japan to give this Thunderbird a Japanese look. Your staight lying. The target audience does not want a Japanese car. Theyre not going to buy an American Icon classic because it looks Japanese.

    I personnaly think your assuming. Thats like saying Subaru asked GM to help them build a classic Japanese icon car. (GM owns 35% of Subaru).
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    Sorry but you are a little off. The Mazda design team had NOTHING to do with this. J Mays, former head of VW design team was the head of this project as well as Ford design. The design group also included Exterior Design Manager Ken Grant, Interior Design Manager Mark Conforzi, as well as team members Doyle Letson, Gary Fischer, Jim Smith and Art Horvath. From the 99' show version of the new T-bird till it's final release in 2002, these were the only members involved in the "design" of the new Thunderbird (code-named M205 at the time of it's initial development in October of 1997). Never was a Japanese firm or constituent utilized for any outside design touches. The concept of this vehicle began with Jack Telnack (former VP of Global Design) in the Dearborn, Mich that launched the concept that J Mays would run with till the vehicles eventual deployment. This has been well researched and there was NO mention of this vehicles design EVER(!!!) leaving the hands of the US (Mich.) team that was assigned to the design of this vehicle. This information can be referenced in the Sept. 99' issue of Automotive Industries. If you have any siteable references that dispute this I welcome you to do so. It should be noted that the information provided came directly to AI from Ford, fingering the aforementioned individuals as the only individuals (teams, affiliates, etc) responsible for (and credited with) the design of this vehicle. These individuals sought no outside assistance on the design of this vehicle and they are ALL based out Michigan. They have no design affiliation with Mazda whatsoever. Nor did they seek their assistance in this endeavor either. This statements seems to be inaccurate.
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    IN REGARDS TO RULYA'S POST: At the very least, Password is able to string a coherent thought together...I'm surprised any of us were able to discern at all what Rulya was saying. I don't know of anyone on this site that is not erroneous from time to time. Just as in my prior post, it is the exchange of information that allows accurate responses to be posted. I myself have made a few errors as well, but thankfully someone was able to respond to my posts with the correct information before I went off spewing those errors elsewhere. As for opinions...opinions are subjective and therefore free from inaccuracies. I personally have disagreed with Passwords opinions from time to time, but that doesn't make his opinions any less valid than my own. Incorrect or not, at least the posts consist of more than empty insults...Are you getting this Rulya.
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    I was referring to the Thunderbird, as was the creator of this topic, and Mazda's styling has been used in a lot of Ford's vehicles since Ford bought them out. If you pay close attention you can see how some of the styling ques were based on Japanese styling.

    I'm not "straight lying", this is a theory of mine, and a justifiably sound one considering Ford has openly admitted that they use Mazda's designs in their vehicles (ie: engine technology, drivetrain technology, etc.). Styling is another logical conclusion for what Ford is using on their vehicles.

    Your right, nobody is going to buy an "American Icon classic because it looks Japanese." they are going to buy it because it is styled after a classic body style, with a modernized look integrated into the design, and it looks good. Japanese styling just happens to enhance its look, whether or not people know it. Again this is just a theory, but if you think about it, it does make sense.
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    DR. Who - "These individuals sought no outside assistance on the design of this vehicle and they are ALL based out Michigan. They have no design affiliation with Mazda whatsoever. Nor did they seek their assistance in this endeavor either. This statements seems to be inaccurate." need I remind you that Ford owns Mazda now, and that ford has been using some of Mazda's design technology for example: FWD drivetrain technology.
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    My prior phrasing may have been a little vague on that..for that I apoligise. I can see that it may have been misconstrued that I had stated that Ford has had no design affiliation with Mazda. I'm sure that since 1979 there have been collaborations between the two companies (i.e. the Worldcar projects). This project, though, was not one of them. The only outside advice sought came from focus groups such as the Thunderbird Owner's Club and the 2,000-member Heartland Vintage Thunderbird Club of America. The design team that I had mentioned earlier was assembled solely for the M205 project and it's eventual design, from beginning to end, never left their hands. These individuals, with the exception of J. Mays (VW) were all domestic. As for the engineering of this vehicle (i.e drivetrain, engine, etc.) I cannot say for certain. I can however say, with absolutely no doubt, that this vehicle was never turned over to Mazda's design team for subtle Japanese aesthetics.

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