I watched an aussie movie today.

Discussion in 'Worked's Website Forum' started by PandaBeat, Dec 8, 2004.

  1. The Rage in Pladcid Lake...

    ...I realized that "saloon" sounds kinds funny... and I didn't heard "arseclown" in the whole movie, I'm disappointed.
  2. yes, yes i see..hmmm..and have you had these feelings for a long time?
  4. You should have watched The Dream with Roy and HG.
  5. Watch 'Welcome to woop woop'.

    It's seriously funny, because it's all so true.
  6. AhahaHAHHAha yeah
  7. Bad Boy Bubby is the only movie you should watch.
  8. I watched it again last night.

    Blow it out yer ass boofhead!
  9. Who the hell watches a movie with a whiney arse Yank in'it?

    Watch Chopper ya #$%#in tip rat.
  10. Choper be the best aussie movie.
  11. Close.

    But Chopper is unreal.
  12. I do, because it's got even more fully retarded outback drongos in it, nailing the Aussie stereotype smack between the cheeks.

    Now, PandaBeat. Go and hire Once Were Warriors, so you can see what New Zealanders are like.
  13. That movie is WtFLOL
  14. I'll try to find that...
  15. uncle bully....... unCLE #$%#ING [email protected][email protected]$!$#
  16. Once were warriors has some nice fight scenes in it.
  17. the Castle.

    no.... WAIT.... FAT PIZZA!!!!!
  18. I still haven't seen the movie.

  19. It was on here a few weeks back. I could only put up with less than 5 minutes. Talk about crap.
  20. It is funny crap, you arse.
  21. Fat Pizza or The castle?
  22. If he is talking about The Castle, he is an arse.
  23. Especially because the first 5-10 minutes are very funny. Very very funny.
  24. Fat Pizza. Talk about a load of poorly written, shoddy cameraworked crap.

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