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  1. Thats why its so expensive. So shut up about how it is a rip off and a horrbily constructed car. z06 cant say that, their cars are machine built in the factory. big deal. The NSXs are hand built from the frame up.
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    Amen to that. All these people ***** about the NSX being expensive without realising the type of car it is. It is a very exclusive car. Not many are produced each year. It is hand-made, other hand-made cars I can think of are Aston Martin Vanquish, Rolls Royce and I can't think of anymore at the moment. Yet people don't complain about these being too expensive. Please learn about a car before you start to put it down for no good reason.
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    And they look wayyy better then the Zo6
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    Yes people dont seem to understand the fact that the car is entirely hand built. even the engine is hand built and tuned by one person alone.
    People also forget that the car is made ENTIRELY out of Aluminum. this includes the STRUCTURE of the car. If anyone here knows about engineering, they would know that steel and Aluminum have different properties. In order to take advantage of Aluminums weight saving properties, Honda had to completely redesign the support structure of the chassis to make it as strong and stiff as a steel structure. This is no easy feet. Even the Lamborghini Murcielago, an even more expensive supercar boasting carbon fiber parts, has a Tubular steel frame.
    Handcrafting a car represent an enthusiasm, and passion for quality engineering. Most prestigious car and engine manufacturers know this, including AMG (for the upcoming SLR) and if I recall the McLaren F1
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    If anything, this car is a bargain at this price. Not to mention the 0-60 time is way off. They can brake 5s no problem. They do around 4.8s regularly.
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    Shut the hell up. Who gives a shit if its hand made. Id rather spend 48,000 for a 2003 Z06 then twice that for a shity car just cause its hand made. Damn you cant start selling Civics for 60,000 if they were hand made cause they wouldnt be worth it at all.

    Sure the Z06 cant say its hand made but your burgers are microwaved at McDonalds after being cooked 3 weeks eariler and before that styrophome was mixed into the ground beef to hold it together when they freeze it and cook it so thin. So why the #$%# do you care if your car is hand made?

    Atleast the Z06 can say:
    I handle better, look better, sounds better, and go 0-60 in 3.9 NOT 5.7

    The NSX is possilby the worst car ever made.
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    This honda is a real race car and not a 1/4 mile car... It has it's strenghts on the race track because of its handling
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    OK, lets take this guys argument and analyse it.
    Handmade vs Mass production.
    lets say microwave burgers at McDonalds are Mustangs because both are inepxeneively mass produced for consumption.
    lets say that the NSX is a more expensive cuisine prepared personally by a chef. It will obviously cost more.

    Now, lets assume both will satisfy your hunger to the same level.

    who would choose The microwaved frozen McDonalds burgers over the cuisine? The burgers are cheaper but the cuisine reperesents QUALITY and CLASS.

    This is what Euro and Jap supercars are. People like you will never understand.
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    OMG you Fuc*ing idiot.... DO some research... Zo6 is not 48k LMAO its in the 70s. A fuc*ing T-top vette is 48k
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    Your comparing a corvette and honda to a burger and frys. Im picturing yyou right now as a fat ass loser sitting on a couch playing computer and watching fast and furious all day.

    How many corvettes do you see a day?

    How many NSX...

    Quality not Quanity
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    why dont you all just shut up... there both pretty much the same car. Go buy a Porsche or something
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    For the record, Porsches are the McDonalds of the Eurpoean sportscar... you see them just as much as Vettes. Why not have an Italian make you some nice Pomodori col Riso, or something exotic instead?
    Enough metaphores, the NSX is comparitive to a Ferrari in the fact that they are individually made; while the Z06... well, the production line was an American invention.
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    Im not sure what the exact price is but it's alot closer to $48 than it is to $70.
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    between $50 and $60
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    somehting like that
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    There's always one isn't there? Look, if you really don't like the NSX, why don't you start a little fan club? Imagine, you might even meet a pretty girl who shares your point of view. Then you'll have kids. Little Japanese-o-phobes, like yourself.

    NSX, 'the worst car ever made'? Is that really the most reasonable case you could make, to back up your view? McDonald's sells shit in a bun. Burn in Hell, ignorant.
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    Nsx isn't the worst car in the World but i can agree with some of what he is saying. The NSX is way too expensive and it is Overrated. Sure it's a quick car and has good reliabilty however it is still afterall a Honda, it's a 6 that puts out just over 200kw and it gets beaten by many cheaper cars. I mean you pay all that money and you get 200kw?? I mean come on, $20K Holdens put out 245kw and this so called SUpercar can manage only 200. Sure you can say it doesn't weigh alot but 0-100 in 5.7 ain't to flash.

    "Mcdonalds sells shit in a bun". HAHAHA, Gotta be the best call iv'e seen in a while.
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    I still don't see what's 'overrated' about the NSX. You have said yourself, "it's a quick car and has good reliabilty" (cut-and-paste function). From what I've read in the road tests, the engine, gearbox, ride quality, roadholding and steering are first rate. I'll say also that I live in the Cotswolds, in England, home to the narrowest, bumpiest, scariest corners this side of the Nurburgring.

    Can you be more specific than "$20k Holdens"? In England, an NSX will cost you, right now in 2004, £59,995. You could import a Corvette ZO6 for £50,000, but they are too wide for the country lanes, and the suspension is not set up with our roads in mind (1.0g cornering power is little help here). Few are prepared to import an HSV of any kind because, again they are too big and a used Lotus Carlton only costs about £20,000, plus no one has ever heard of HSV, let alone Holden. The 911 is great, as it is a neat, compact machine and is so nice to drive. A new 996 Carrera Coupe will cost you £55,950; barely cheaper than an NSX, then.

    Honda knew the NSX would have a hard time stealing sales from Ferrari and Porsche, which is why they never had any unrealistic sales projections. They just built an intelligent supercar to the best of their abilities, using years of experience gained in Formula One. Ayrton Senna was the chief test driver, for Christ's sake.

    Ferrari cheapens their image by selling crap merchandise, why should the Honda badge be a turn off? Yes, they mass-produce ‘soulless’ cars (like many respected manufacturers, if we are honest), but the NSX proves the corporate giant has a heart after all.

    I want to set the record straight over acceleration times, too. First off, 5.7secs is Honda's claim - but I'm not sure whether that's to 60mph or 62mph (there is a difference). According to the databases of Evo (UK magazine -, the new car does 0-60mph in 5.5secs. However, they got 0-60mph in 4.8 secs for the original car, and given that the revised model has improved aerodynamics, I'd stick with 4.8secs. The Type R and Type S/Type S Zero models, being lighter, are quicker still. Additionally, Evo made the new Type R their Car of the Year in 2002. And back in 1991, Autocar (UK) rated the NSX above the Ferrari 348 and Porsche 964 Carrera; the Honda brought on the biggest smile.

    It’s not overrated, so umm… so there.
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    Let me explain it this way. One AUSTRALIAN dollar($1), is as much as 2.2(rough estimate) English pounds. If a car is worth 50,000 pounds it is worth about $110,000 Australian. Brand new, the NSX is worth $250,000 in Asutralia. That is about 100,000 pounds. The NSX is not worth 50,000 pounds brand new. It's nearly double that.

    Secondly the Z06 costs $100,000 Australian so thats about 50,000 pounds. Thats less than half of an NSX yet it beats the crap out of one. Iv'e got the times to prove it. Now you can see that the NSX is OVERPRICED.

    Ferarri doesn't sell cheap merchandise. They used to. The last 10 years they have made quality cars. The NSX has been tested in AUS and the quickest ever is 14 flat for the 1/4 mile. That may seem slow because in Aus we have different test conditions which produces slower times too that of the US and Europe. Taking that into account, A Holden Commodore SS which costs $40,000 AUS does 13.9 for the 1/4 mile. It has a 245kw RWD V8. It's a base Holden with a V8. If the SS was tested in Europe it would be quicker again. Looking at those stats it shows that the NSX gets beaten in a straightline by a car that is worth 5 times less. Now you see my point??

    The NSX was a great car for it's time but it's too expensive and isn't as good as people make it out to be. i call that OVERRATED.
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    Well, I'll trust your numbers are accurate because 1/4 miles times are rarely mentioned in UK road tests. I took at look at and the NSX is around AUS $250,000 like you said. A Porsche 996 Carrera is AUS $187,600, according to, so yes, exchange rates make a big difference – just as well in live in England then, where an NSX costs just a few thousand pounds more than said Carrera.

    Yes, it’s been around for over fourteen years, but as the formula goes: ‘if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it’. No, the NSX isn’t the quickest car in a straight line, but it is more than capable of carrying huge speed in the corners, particularly in Type R form. Journalists and racing drivers have found the even the standard car’s behavior to be as satisfactory as a 993 Carrera (or 996), and better than a Ferrari 348. It’s obvious looking at the brilliant 355 that Ferrari learnt a few lessons from the NSX, which is why it had adjustable dampers, power steering and friendlier handling.

    Again, I’ll point out that with the NSX, you are paying for a largely hand-built machine, with an aluminum body, engine and suspension system. The same reasons you pay a premium for a Ferrari actually (along with the premium for the Prancing Horse badge). The Corvette ZO6 and HSV range use GM sourced parts that are mass produced, so they can sell for less than an NSX. Consider that the Chevrolet has a plastic body, a pushrod engine and leaf sprung suspension, for example.

    I know the Corvette ZO6 is a very fast car but again, I live in England, and a ZO6 would not leave an NSX standing on a bumpy, narrow and twisty road. It's the same story with the HSV range; great cars, and fast ones too but being Commodore-based, they are also large and heavy machines. However, I appreciate that Australian roads are very different to the ones I know and like so much. So let’s call it quits over the speed issue.

    I don't think we are going to come to any agreement here. All I can say is, with the NSX you get the highest level of build quality imaginable, an aluminium body, a large V6 engine producing almost 100bhp per litre, plus ride, handling and steering perfected by Ayrton Senna. It’s been evolving for fourteen years and is clearly a great car. The Lotus Espirit was around for over twenty years, and there was little wrong with that machine.

    I’m not saying the NSX is the greatest car ever made, because it isn’t. I’m saying it deserves great respect. If you don’t like the badge, OK, be a snob all your life. Don’t like the price? Well, neither do I because it keeps me from affording one. The NSX is a quality car in every respect, and it’s time more people saw it that way.
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    What NSX takes 5.7 to reach 100km/h???

    NONE, the SLOWEST NSX ever took 5.3 seconds to reach 100km/h, the current base model NSX takes 4.9 seconds, and the NSX-R takes 4.4 seconds.
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    More than likely the NSX driver wasn't accelerating in the powerband.

    In North American tests the 261kw Pontiac GTO takes 13.5 seconds for the 1/4, and it's a faster car than the Commodore (remember, it's the same as the HSV GTO - which btw they recently specifically said on Speedtv's renowned Roadtest). The Heaviest (and therefore slowest, since everything else is the same) NSX, the NSX-T by the same drivers just one year back in a similar roadtest took 13.13 seconds for the 1/4, so even the slowest NSX is faster than the North American Holden car which is faster than the Commodore, if you take other North American times for the NSX, 12.9 is the norm, EVO's tested times for the NSX-R have been as quick as 12.4 in the 1/4. So, I don't know if your drivers just don't know how to drive a car with a peaky powerband, or if you're lying, but basically, the NSX is much faster than your beloved Holdens, even though the NSX is designed for more than just straightline acceleration while Holdens are designed specifically for it.

    Now, the prices are like that because it's imported, while Holdens are not. In Europe, the base NSX is 50,000 pounds, you can't just convert costs, because prices range from continent to continent, don't be so obtuse.

    As for the Corvette, in Europe it costs about the same for a Corvette as for an NSX-R. Granted the Z06 is SLIGHTLY faster in acceleration, but with the NSX-R having run laptimes as much as 3 full seconds faster than that of the Z06, that doesn't say much for the Z06's handling, and in fact, if I were European, I might almost be inclined to say that the Z06 is overpriced, especially since along with the performance, you also have all the superior quality that comes with the NSX. But then, I'm a respectful person, not a fool, and therefore I will not venture to say the Z06 or any other well designed supercar is overpriced. Now, stop it with your false performance times, I've never heard of ANY NSX EVER being that slow, not even in Australian tests (in fact, one Australian test I did read once, clocked the BASE NSX in the 1/4 at 13.2 seconds, much faster than your BS time).

    Now please, I don't start being an idiot and randomly bash Holdens making up performance figures, even though they are not very impressive to me, I expect you to do the same with cars that you (for some unfathomable reason) do not find all that impressive.
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    You have to be the biggest D!CKHEAD ive seen. I't doesn't matter how many times I tell you or how I explain why the times are slower, you still don't listen. You make up your opinion in your mind and wont let anyone tell you different. Im gonna say it one more time, nice and slowly so you can get it into your head. OK, here we go.

    IN AUSTRALIA(which is where i live) we do things differently. We test with passengers in the car and a full tank of fuel. This means that more weight is added to the CAR, thus SLOWER TIMES. That's why the PONTIAC GTO(rebadged HOLDEN MONARO) does LOW 13 1/4 mile. It has been tested and has done a 13.1. THE MONARO does high 13 1/4 MILE. It is the same car but because of the way the test is done, the times are nearly a second slower. That is why the HONDA NSX(no misprint) does 14 seconds. This is NOT Bullshit. It has been tested many times with the SAME result. FACE IT, the NSX is not that fast in a straight line. YOUR not going to listen to me so it doesn't really matter but for all you others out there, This is the case. Im not maknig up HOLDEN figures, come to Australia and you will see. You call me brand specific and racist towards car makers, LOOK AT YOURSELF. ANYTHING THAT HAS A BADGE WHICH IS NOT 'JAPANESE' IS NO GOOD ACCORDING TO YOU. Well stuff you because you have no idea.

    Don't give me bullshit about the prices, KICKINTHECODES knows that the NSX is $250k AUS and that is nearly as much as a 911 Turbo which is also imported so your argument is crap. CORVETTE Overpriced??? Now you are really talking BULLSHIT and trying to make an argument which is [email protected] stupid. You say the same with the STI. I show you that facts, actual facts which have been quoted from websites and magazines and you still won't accept it.

    Ill try and Sum you up in one sentence. It will be hard to fit all the words in but ill try.

    You are a Stupid, Narrow-minded, Racist, Blind, Demented, Insecure, mentally disabled, Childish, dimwitted Shit talker Who needs severe medical attention and shouldn't be allowed on the streets. Furthermore I have never meet such a WANCA who has their head so far up their own ass they can't distuinguish between when they are spinning crap or talking the truth. Don't try and get me back by calling me every name there is and spinning your usual crap, because im not interested in what you have to say. I will talk to people who are understanding and can have a proper, factual discussion about cars.

    Im sorry to all you guys out there for wasting your time and getting off the topic but this idiot had to be told.
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    Yeh the times are accurate. Even thought the NSX is hand built and made from expensive materials I still don't see the price as justified. The NSX is a good car but I think it gets too much credit. It has a V6 which puts out a lousy(compared to todays standards) 200kw. For when it was made sure 200kw was plenty but comparing it to F355's with a fair bit more than that, it's just not in the same league.

    Not all HSV's are based on the commodore. There are Monaro, Calais, and Grange based HSV's aswell. I also want to point out that with Horse power per litre it counts for nothing. It doesn't mean nothing if your car has 300kp per litre or 20hp per litre. It just mean that the car makes good use of it's size.

    I don't think we will agree but I strongly beleive that the NSX is overrpriced and doesn't belong up there with the big boys(ferrari, Porsche etc).
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    That's a fair point about how Australian magazines record acceleration, but if the car is being timed with GPS gear, there's usually a passenger on board to do it (how they time single seaters, I don't know).

    Evo, a reputable magazine, got 0-60mph in 4.9secs from the standard NSX, so I'm going with that - but I don't know how much fuel the car was holding, or how fat the driver was. Fact is, the NSX isn't the fastest thing in a straight line, but neither will it make a fool of itself in the corners. Also, Australians measure power by Kilowatts, and I don't know how to convert 200kW into European-measured BHP. Maybe Australian market NSXs are detuned over emissions issues? I don't know. BHP per litre is a relevant issue; any manufacturer that can offer a large displacement engine with nearly 100bhp per litre, using natural methods (no turbos or superchargers), that is useable on the road (doesn’t cough and fart at low revs) and has reasonable service intervals, deserves acclaim. High BHP per litre outputs in racing are commonplace, but racing engines are useless in road cars, being unhappy at low revs and requiring regular rebuilds.

    It's unfortunate that the NSX costs so much in your country, but here in England it's a bargain. Exchange rates suck, eh?

    The NSX has been proven to match, even exceed, the abilities of the 911 Carrera. Ferrari learnt lessons from the Honda, that's one of the reasons the 355 was so good. The NSX's ride and handling were far superior to that of the 348; Ferrari got the wake up call and moved the game on with the 355 - and with it the price.

    It's unfortunate that due to Japanese laws, Honda haven't yet been able to develop some kind of 360 Modena rival. To counter this, Honda have built on the standard cars strengths, with the Type S, Type S Zero, Type R and the Acura Alex Zanardi Edition.

    It would seem the NSX is caught in a time warp, but again, that's because of Japanese law, not the fault of Honda. However, the NSX is still an impressive item of engineering, it was ahead of it's time, and it illustrated how Ferrari had become so complacent with the 348.

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