If Donald Trump becomes president...

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  1. RON PAUL!
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    The white working class, the blue-collar, who were once America's economic backbone, had been left behind due to outsourcing of manufacturing jobs, falling victims to the policies of corporate elites and globalization. Now this group of people, once a symbol of America's industrial might, are now on the receiving end of a lot of ridicules and jokes.

    Ever since the early 90's, no mainstream politicians ever spoke for or stood up for them, even though they make up a very significant percentage of the population. And most of them are hard working people who were proud of working for their country. It's not that hard to understand why they are upset with the current government. Trump is the only one who seems to be able to bring some dignity back to them.
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  3. Haha I missed this version of you.
  4. Hahahaha... Trump is a narcissist who doesn't give half of one **** about them. His supporters are almost entirely rubes and/or bigots that buy into at least one side of his bullshit prism. He doesn't care about "making America great again". He cares about winning and beating all of these other "losers" who ran or are running.
  5. They couldn't speak up because they were too busy trying to work. Unlike stupid ghettos liberals pander to.
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  6. Your friend Hillary is a goddamn #$%#ing swine and liar under oath sell out #%[email protected] that is the clinton swine. The clintons have been known for ending prematurely and suscipiously the lives of their so called friends:
    If you find clintons to be respectable people, then you must be completely out of touch with the reality . Clinton wants more illegals and has no real economic programs except to create welfare cases and an absolutely fucked up socialist system kinda like the French one which led the country to bankruptcy. Your friend Bill has failed to prevent four terrorist attacks back when he was president 1993 first WTC Bombing, 1997 attack of the US Embassy in Nairobi, 1996 Khobar towers attack and 1999 USS Cole bombing, not to count that he lied under oath. His swine and ***** wife destroyed emails and was part of the Benghazi disaster. And you want to trust her???? See also how royally were screwed the military veterans by the Clinton administration after the first gulf war and the bosnian conflict, it is even worse with Obama, where a lot of military vets have lost one or more limbs, are homeless and have few money to get proper medicare. I am not even mentionning the highest disrespect level towards law enforcement people whether they are police, firemen, ICE, Boarder Patrol, Texas Rangers, US Marshals and any other law enforcement agency personel caused by Obama's administration. A lot of law enforcement people as well as older military veterans either get beaten or shot by the ghetto trash thugs, yet you don't hear it in the news.
    You want an embetterment, then don't vote for a carreer politician, vote for someone who is bold and who loves his country before all.
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  7. Strange... I don't remember mentioning the Clintons.
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    I don't like Hillary, but I think there is a very good chance she will become my president.

    Our country's political climate is shifting towards the left. The self-reliance attitude that had built this country has been eroding. More people go to the government for handouts. The illegals get treated better than the veterans. And guess who is paying for the handouts? We, the middle class.
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  9. Lonely Trump supporter gets attacked by packs of angry protesters:

    I seriously don't like some of the double standards out there. Some people scream equality, freedom of speech, freedom of expression, yet they viciously attack those with different opinions.
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  10. How do illegal immigrants get better treatment than vets?
  11. Sounds every other green or labour connected protest here. Vile scum.
  12. Which pokemon is that? Snorlax?
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  13. Canada isnt interesting enough for me to live in.
  14. Any article that doesn't fit into the socialist moralist libtard standards is bullshit, right? Find a better and valid argument instead of constantly denying the truth.
  15. Yes!

    This is what I'm looking for. Just a bit of violence and it would be spot on.

  16. Oh, shut up already. I'm a registered republican and would have loved to see Rand Paul in the race still, and still think your vitriolic BS about the left is uncalled for. It doesn't add to the conversation and just makes you look like a moron.

    I hate the bigoted, racist, misogynistic, hyper-religious crap that has become the bedrock of the Republican party. And if Trump is the leading candidate and gets the nomination, I'll vote for anyone running against him, even if it's Hillary (even though I loathe to vote for her).

    Shit, I'll do a write in for Bill the Cat and Opus.
  17. They're calling her "Trigglypuff".

    Pure genius.

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  18. Brilliant
  19. I hate both likely candidates. I hope Bernie's 'success' has had sufficient influence on the political scene.

    I hate following politics
    so depressing. Remember to vote when all the legislators are up
  20. I would do the girl filming that
  21. I feel sorry for America and the world. As things look now it will be a race between Trump and Clinton.

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