If you had to join the military.

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If you had to join the military which branch would you choose?

  1. Army

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  2. Navy

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  3. Airforce

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  4. Marines

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  5. Coast Guard?

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  1. also why would you choose that branch and what would you hope to do in the military!?
  2. I had to join the army and served for 3 years.
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  3. was it a good time? did u go to war? my dad was in vietnam as an engineer he was keen to come home and survived being blown out of a truck which went over a land mine.

    if u did go to war, what is your experience of and opinion of war? also u dont have to share obviously if u dont want to.
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  4. war sucks, don't want to go
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  5. It was a mixed bag. I wasn't a combat soldier, and we had different types of action during my time of service. Some of my craziest experiences are from that time, like scanning evicted settlements, like strolling around in the West Bank, like guarding tents and chasing metal thieves. It's also a kind of experience that gives you lessons no other environment can teach you.
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  6. I'd be a conscientious objector and spend my time in prison.
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  7. I was doing reserve duty during the 2014 campaign/conflict in Gaza. My task was to walk around a (civilian) hospital (the biggest and busiest in the area) and debrief injured soldiers regarding what they may and may not say to others (be it the media or their family/friends). It was a somewhat surreal experience, with quite a few soldiers arriving daily. You get to hear everyone's stories, or debrief their families (against the media) in cases in which the soldier has not regained consciousness yet. You have to fend the journalists out of the different wards, after they sneak in with hidden cameras in attempt to get scoops/tell emotional stories. You have to deal with thousands of visitors every day, who are just there to give away candy/gifts and make the injured a little happier. You would search through a soldiers bloody belongings to remove any confidential materials. And all the while you have to be attentive to alarms, because they were shooting rockets at the city and you had about 45 seconds to find a safe spot. It's all quite a handful on the brain, and not very enjoyable, but in the end I remember it as an experience.
  8. By the way, on a positive note, they did send us a military psychologist every few days to make sure we're doing alright. Apparently a friend of mine had nightmares for a while afterwards.
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  9. Marines. This is where I went by default. Back when conscription time came I had not much care where or what to become. There was a tiny idea of learning better Swedish, so to our Swedish speaking regiment I went.
    In retrospect I should have said I wanted to become an officer, not due to leadership, but my almost infinite patience when teaching anything I have confidence to say I can do.
    I did not and became a regular foot soldier with proficiency at rifle and light mortar.

    I am way past the age where I would be enlisted if anything happened.
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