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  1. Hypothetical situation: Iran arms their ballistic missiles with nuclear weapons and heaves them into Israel. Tel Aviv and several other Israeli cities are in ruins, and the Israeli military has been incapacitated.

    Would you retaliate against Iran with nuclear weapons?
  2. The missiles and nuclear weapons Iran doesn't have?

    What if India nuked Pakistan: would it make any difference to you?
  3. I vote to turn Iran into an extension of the Persian Gulf at that point.
  4. I'd bomb the middle east.
  5. thats something that should be discussed with other nations/UN. we spend too much time acting as israels big brother. #$%# the holy land, its not our business, if they get nuked, israel will nuke them back, its not our place. and who #$%#ing cares.
  6. Israel would nuke them right back. I'd probably support Israel but avoid getting actively into combat until the nukes stopped flying.
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    At this point in time, you're right. However, several IRBM projets with significant North Korean and Chinese assistance have been proceeding since the mid-1990s, so an Iranian missile capable of hitting Israel or even Europe may not be far off. As for nukes, well, they don't have those either as of now either but they've hardly been subtle about their program to get them...

    Read this:

  8. i would not get involved...
  9. I'd pull all forces out of the middle east, and use them in the homeland to enforce my new "Nationalize the Nation" policy. With the entire GDP at my disposal, I'd send reparation money to all the nations the USA has exploited, and apologize to Islam for being dicks. Then I'd ratify a policy that enforces mandatory conscription, and boost the size of the military, while simultaneous elimintating stupid and fat people by whipping them into shape. Then I'd warn antagonistic countries of a new "Aggress the US, receive nuclear backfire, so just #$%# off and leave us alone" policy. Fueling the economy with government investment into the economy, ratify some good healthcare, and rocket towards the finest years in American history on a wave of Social Democratic Nationalism.

  10. If nukes started flying, I highly doubt everyone would sit down, sip a cup of coffee at UN HQ, and start diplomacy.

    In all likelihood Israel probably would nuke them back; I was just putting out an extremely unlikely situation where the IAF would be too incapacitated to launch a retaliatory strike.
  11. 426 Hemistage 8 for Minister of Defence.
  12. National Socialism*
  13. I like your style.
  14. Lame.
  15. I don't think there'd be a need to use nuclear weapons so no.
  16. Id move to brazil if that happened.
  17. +1
  18. I would've already neutralized everyone ever.
  19. If I were the president I'd be secretly grinning for myself because the weapons Iran used were probably sold by me.
  20. I'd use a large number of MOABS to prevent nuclear winter but be relatively just as effective as nukes

    After the initial barrage of MOABS that would level entire cities and military bases, I would then use smaller, conventional weapons to completely take down any remaining military in Iran

    Once the country would be incapacitated, I would explain the reasoning to the rest of the world and hopefully the mid east would be peaceful for at lest 6 months after
  21. who #$%#ing cares? that's pretty stupid considering it would directly affect the rest of us.
  22. Too bad you'd have a revolution on your hands, Nazi/Commie. If no one else pulled it off I would assassinate you sooo damn quick.
  23. Nazional Xocialism
  24. you'd be in the military, getting pistol-whipped like a little #%!@
  25. man, an american max reich would definately be the moment the founding fathers would be proven right about their reasoning behind the whole 2nd amendment and right to form a militia thing <A BORDER="0" HREF="http://www.supercars.net/PitLane?displayFAQ=y"><IMG BORDER="0" SRC="pitlane/emoticons/cool.gif"></A>

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