If you were president of the United States...

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  1. leave these boards and come back with a new name, chodewafer
  2. No, since i have no right to.
  3. I have a brilliant idea, lets give Iran, Lebanon, North Korea and any other #$%#head countries nuclear weapons, but not just give, sell them, millions each to be fair, and then once delivered, and once the checks clear, we detonate them, eliminating the threat, who's with me?
  4. +1
  5. If that happens, I would leave town, because the shit is about to hit the fan. Israel is crazy. Also, keep in mind Pakistan and India both have nukes. Maybe the middle east will just become one giant block of glass.
  6. no, no. go help out in cleansing chechnya. get on russia's good side. that way when the day of pain train comes, they're not shooting at us, and we're not shooting at them.
  7. Nuke Iran? sounds good to me, then nuke all of the complainers!
  8. No, I wouldn't. I'd focus on my own country for once.
  9. haha
  10. I'd hand the country over to the English government to have.
  11. I cant even begin to Imagine, the amount of riots to be had in this instance, if it were to happen, hahaha
  12. they're already used to tea, though
  13. yeah, I was thinking of the hardcore, southern, confederate flag saluting people. I can hear it now "GAD DAM RadCOATS TAKIN O'ER OUR LAND!"
  14. there's more guns than brits in like the first two states in the former confederacy. they'd just start the Revolutionary War over again. that'd be fun.
  15. No need... unless Isreal is completly distroyed, they would retaliate.
  16. "This is a tricky subject because I personally think Israel cannot/will not be destroyed. Ever. So part of me wants to leave Iran alone because of that confidence, but another part of me wants to intervene just for kicks."
  17. lol
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    The Ethan Allens and the Polaris got replaced at least 30 years ago. Now we use the Ohio-class and the D5 Trident-II.
  19. iran, not once in the past millenium, has ever engaged in war, but only defended its rightful land. now who is to say that for the first time in over a thousand years this will change, ever?

    the unstable system currently in tact is, in fact, very stable politically, but except for well informed middle east analysts/speacialists and politically involved iranians, not a lot of people are aware of that globally.

    the public agenda of iran after the revolution has always been maintained to be a nation of mild threat, non ally, religiously extremist radical country with an incompatible belief system, but in reality it is only the government which is religious(yet not extremist in application, but only appearance). iran has been and still is a money pit for the politically influencial people in iran, who are cowards and slaves of their personal purposes. none of them would ever want to give up a dime of their money, specially through a devastating war probably leading to economical collapse for iran.

    as a side point, iran was home to over 2 million jews until the revolution. after the revolution, about three quarter of these iranian jews moved to their new home (israel) because of religous discrimination by the regime(not the majority of the people). however, a very large community in israel is still of iranian background and still in connection with their motherland. iranian jews have been well respected and influencial people in the iranian history and realistically speaking, a conflict between the two people has never been the case. even during WWII the iranian embassy issued over 400(or 4000, dont remember that well) blank passports and saved many jews from the nazis, some of which remained in europe and most stayed in iran.

    there are a lot of undercurrents beyond what the news covers, and i HIGHLY doubt that there will be any real agression between iran and israel.
  20. Thank you for the precisions.
  21. STFU your far left retard.
  22. No, because like a bunch of people have already pointed out, Israel would hit them right back. I'd sit idly by while they wasted each other, with popcorn.
  23. get all the israelis to move out, nuke the shit out of the whole middle east, tell them they can have it back in 50-80 years.
  24. No. I'd just destroy every power plant, communications hub, and water treatment center in Iran.

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