If you were to drive around the world

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  1. what vehicle would you use?

    I thought this to be the most appropriate forum, even if it's one of the least visited

    I'd probably use a U5000 dual cab Unimog, painted an inconspicuous colour, and with all the necessary modifications for several years on the road

    If a car, I think either be a Gelandewagen or a Landcruser of some sort
  2. Rolls Royce Phantom.
  3. Land Rover Discovery 4
  4. Land Rover Defender
  5. a bugatti veyron with flying car and submarine attachments
  6. this

    or g wagon
  7. Is it assumed that we're going off roading? How bad will the trails be?
  8. Koenigsegg agera
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    However you imagine a round the world trip, many countries don't have great roads

    I suppose you can get away with a non off roader
  10. Landcruiser
  11. Fixed gear bike.
  12. How bad is the off roading?? Can I seriously not do it in a 911 Turbo or Ferrari FF? If not maybe an Audi All Road or even Legacy Outback or something. Give me the absolute minimum offroading vehicle. Otherwise this trip sounds dreadful. Didn't they do a big ass trip in Ferrari 599 or 612s??
  13. yes they did but that was pretty much all paved roads. I remember some guy doing something like this with an Elise as well. I'd just take the 4x4 so I could go off roading if required. going through bits of african/chinease dessert could be fun.
  14. I think some idiot also did it in a lifted first gen yellow SLK with a matching trailer.

    Doesn't make it fun tho. Sounds like someone is putting a gun to my head and making me drive. If I can't enjoy the road/car/drive, then I might as well take big rig and make some monies.

    If it HAD to be a 4x4 then maybe the Touareg TDi or Spyker Paris-Peking.

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