Im back, and moving to socal

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  1. If something is ill fitting is that good or bad.
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    its the future

  3. Let me guess?

    You got fooled by a transsexual?
  4. "fooled"
    meaning his friends caught him with
  5. GT2 is back s a street car, spec 996 is still very orange and kicks ass, 87 turbo is sexy as fuuu and needs to have the interior put back together.
  6. being called out by RLQ is the worst feeling ever
  7. I will punch you.
  8. No, you can't leave me here in this crazy-ass state!
  9. Im black, and moving to socal
  10. watch out for the gang crime youll commit
  11. Your posts arw always interesting thanks for sharing your views

  13. Sawooop, Brrrraa braaaa. Hahaha Gheeey..
  14. It can get really dark in those closets, touch to match colors.
  15. Grove Street. Home. That is until I #$%#ed it all up.
  16. lol not even trying anymore
  17. lol
  18. also la is such a boring stupid place always cringe when someones like "im going/moving to la!" like whyd you even want to do that
  19. You go to LA in hopes that one can seduce Matthew McConaughey enough to get all of his money and then be famous for no reason like the kardashians.
  20. np man np
  21. to most people who like the city life it isnt boring.

    But to me it sure is. Id rather live on a farm.

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