im getting a mach1

Discussion in '1969 Ford Mustang BOSS 429' started by 1969mach1, Aug 9, 2002.

  1. for my 16th b~day my parents are buying me a 1969 mach1 its red with black stripes!!!!!!!!
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    you are a lucky guy. has your mach1 a big block engine?
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    ya its a 428 cobra jet
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    thanks for having replied me oh by the way send me some pics.
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    rich bastard
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    You=jealous<A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC=""></A>
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    Man, what a lucky guy, thing is, is it true or not...
    wtf it doesnt matter this car rocks.
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    im guessing the car is modded...because the 69 and 70 mach 1's came with ford 351 windsor blocks.
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    I'm not guessing its modded, i'm guessing he is bullshitting. One of the best Mustangs ever made for your 16th? I dont think so.
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    Ive got a 69 mach1 thats been owned by my dad since new its one hell of a ride. 428 cobra jets did come out on the 69 mach1 just not in a mass production.
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    mate, belive the kidd. who knows?it could b a piece of shit with a nice cjet in the bonnet. Either way . . . luckey bastard. i got stuck with a 6 pack shity LJ torana. Australian car of old. peice of shit. but hey thrashable.
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    sounds like a nice car, my favorite
    i bought a 68 coupe with a 68 lincoln 460 in it when i was 15. its not bad but still needs a paint job and a little more work(im now 16). also the 428CJ was available as an option on 69 mach 1s, not in limited numbers, it was first available on GTs in limitd production in 68, i belive 2800 were built that year
    i wonder why there isnt a 428CJ mutang on here, in fact why isnt any: boss 302, 65 gt hi-po, boss 351, 429CJ, torino cobras, dodge chargers, chevells, and so many more not on here?

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    People please NO ONE will question me about old stangs k? Especially mach 1's

    The car he refers to is a 1969 Mach 1 R-Code.
    Different mustangs came with different engine codes.

    i.e. Today's "Hyundai Tiburon LX"
    is yesterday's "Ford Galaxie S-Code"
    S Code is equivalent to the variant

    Anyway, R-Codes came with 428 Cobra Jets pushing 335 HP.

    The car you described is my very dream car
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    Ohh by the way to the guy whos username is ac/dc thats sweet. But anyway its nothin' special but I got a 65 stang with a 289
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    You don't have to be "rich" to afford a Mach 1?
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    yeah, well i got a mach 3 turbo, its pretty sweet. I love the sleek look as well as its responsive handling. its the greatest ive had so far. it provides a smooth shave that no other models can compete with.
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    Hoyl crap, dude! I can't believe you're getting a car like that for your b-day! I wish I was so lucky!
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    Ive seen a number a MACH 1's. They arent the rarest, but remember, his parents are buying it. he's not rich, his parents are. I also found a website that had LOTS of rare muscle cars for sale, its some place in arizona that restores cars. Ill see if i can find it.
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    I dont have enough posts to start another thread and this seems like a pretty relaxed group so, am I wrong or is that a 1969 Boss in the pics? I believe that the '69 had those side air scoops, and a body colored hood scoop while the '70 had the air scoops removed and a black hood scoop.

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