I'm going to

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by Neoptolemus, Dec 30, 2004.

  1. Windsor on saturday, with some friends. I know a few people live in or around that area, so if any of you, yeah, even stewacide, want to meet up at some point saturday evening/night/sunday morning, let me know.
  2. yeah meet stewacide. then come back and tell us how much of a drag he is IRL
  3. I hope lil'Stewy goes to meet up with you and gets molested on the way.
  4. bumped, for stewacide
  5. F*ck, I'm back home. When does school start again?
  6. Probably not on january 1st. Just make the trip, you bum.
  7. What did you have in mind? I could bring some trouble-making friends of my own...
  8. meet up, have a few beers, bullshit for a while, and then part ways. I don't want to be around you for more than 30-45 minutes.

    I'm sure once we split up you can find plenty to do in windsor, you know better than I do that there are endless amounts of bars there.
  9. That sounds kinda gay / not worth the trip. You should just come back for the NAIAS and a bunch of us will go the same day...
  10. I always go to NAIAS. Marcus is coming again, and is going to get me and I think VeNoM into the ferrari place.
  11. We should all agree on some day to go and some way to recognize (we should all wear giant mickey mouse ears or something)...
  12. Yeah, thats a good idea. Or another good idea is to just meet at a certain place at a certain time. No ears needed.
  13. im going to NAIAS this year too
  14. We'll make the Kia display our own!
  15. what day are you chaps going?
  16. lol, mickey mouse ears.

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