I'm tired of the Retro look in American Cars =/

Discussion in '2006 Chevrolet Camaro Concept' started by Bariki, Jan 22, 2006.

  1. i'm not tired of retro, and by the success of the mustang i don't think the general population is either...and anyway this isn't totaly retro...the interior is crazy looking and the exterior only has some hints of retro...i think its the shit...
  2. Tired of the retro look? The retro styling for american cars is 1 year old. How can you be tired from it? This car isnt even retro so I dont know why youre complaining. Read the Road and Track on this car and youll understand.
  3. This car is retro. It looks like a sixty's muscle car, and don't forget the engine is just an updated fifty's Corvette engine!
  4. Go get a rest.
  5. Go get a rest.
  6. Retro or not its looks way better then the last gen.
  7. Maybe because GM can't think of anything new to release or perhaps thats just the way GM oughta do things. Look at Lamborghini, they have had the same fighter plane look since the Countach and people go head over heels for them, Alot of companys are now finding out what there true designs should ultimately be.

    Even if it is just retro it should be like that insead of it being a 4door or something.

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