Immigration rally in Chicago today....

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  1. What about the Irish people who illegally imagrated to America from the 80's onward. They are still illegal in America and i know the vast majoirty pay the American taxes and live life by your laws but they still could be faced with deportation if they are caught I America. This has happened to many Irish people in the past, where they were somehow caught and treated like shit on a shoe until the next plane out was aviable.
  2. One thing people are forgetting is that Mexico supports illegals entering the USA. THey have to change this thinking. Its not the USA's duty to absorb the aftermath of Mexican corruption.

    Illegals entered illegally and are by definition criminals, and they knew what they were doing was against the law. So dont give me this shit about how they deserve to be in the USA, they dont.
  3. What's next, Rally For Murder day? I've never seen so many morons turn out to support something that was illegal.
  4. Don't compare the Irish to the Mexicans. <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC="pitlane/emoticons/sad.gif"></A>
  5. what illegal imigrants are here paying taxes?
  6. Taxpayers will be freed from paying for all the various services and benefits used up by 15 million illegal immigrants everyday not counting the higher crime rate they cause. Your so wrong, illegals cost way more than they contribute.

    It's a myth that the US economy 'needs' more poor immigrants. Plain and simple, its just not true.
  7. Now, we all know our borders, especially the borders along the southern U.S. have more holes in them then swiss cheese. The steady stream of illegals increase day by day. And now that the U.S. is considering granting amnesty to those already here it has literally become a flood of men, women and children trying to cross the border as we speak. A border that has minimal enforcement capabilities. This country, whether you like it or not, can not deem 12 million people as felons and send them all back to their original countries. It's just not possible. So, what we need to do in the meantime, while congress twiddles its thumbs, is to send the necessary manpower down to the border to stop anyone further from crossing over. If this means a wall or 50 thousand soldiers so be it. The point here is we must first plug the leak in the dam before we can start bailing the water out. Once we cease any further illegal crossings then we as a legislative entity can define, fine tune and pass into law a bill that allows a fair advantage to those that are productive, have been here for say 5 years and are willing to abide by this countries laws. Those that are not will have to be deported to the country of their origin. We must however keep in mind all those people that have come here legally and have been waiting up to 7 years to become citizens.

    And while everyone is scrambling around for a solution, maybe this country should crack down on American employers who are breaking the law by hiring illegals. Then maybe there will be a greater opportunity pool to draw from by our children. Something has to give here otherwise it will be come volatile. It will become ugly and then it might be too late. Think about it.
  8. ....and then you would find out how little the illegal immigrants contribute.

    These protests are completely worthless because they do NOTHING to show the effect of illegal immigrants on the economy. It's absurd and childlike thinking. Of the people skipping work, school, etc, I would bet less than 15% are actually illegal immigrants. The rest are people unhappy with their station in life and are just looking to get out of work/school for the day.

    Joe American is looking as these protests as another excuse to blow off work. Way to show your employment ethics....
  9. agreed on every point.
  10. Many of these people are a bunch of commies from Latin America who need to go back and continue there guerilla wars down south.
  11. Good Point!
  12. Here are the facts. Today cost the US economy 1.25 billion dollars because Mexicans didn't work. and should a Mexican become a legal citizen today, statistics show that this particular mexican would have filed the paperwork for citzenship in 1988. Legal immigration doesn't work, illegals to benefit, you're all bollios, the end.
  13. you people also need to realize that none of the illegals should be here in teh first place, and they ALL DESERVE to be deported back to mexico TODAY. breaking the law is breaking the law, on top of the fact that hese people come here to leach off of and disrespect our country/culture. none of them give a flying #$%# about you, all they care about are themselves and their families in mexico which is why they came here ILLEGALY in the first place.
  14. These people are so retarded. They pulled their kids out of the schools that we're providing them today to protest that we should keep providing their kids with education and other social services despite the fact that they don't support those services with tax dollars. Later, over the next few weeks, they're going to wonder why the public backlash was so severe. The more they protest and keep this on the front page the more pissed people are going to get.

    One thing is sure, we need to seal the border for good. Then we can figure out to do with all the illegals in the country.
  15. Many of their kids are US citizens under the 14th ammendment. Under laws like HR3447, when deported, these kids are left wards of the state.
  16. See, we keep the cheap labor.
  17. blitzschnell is techinically still an illegal immigrant. My parents were as well.

    I think the problem is the naturalization prcoess is run by incompetents.

    Hell, by dad just got his foid taken away for being being an illegal immigrant even thou he has been a citizen for 20 years now and a multi-million dollar corporation owner. If they are 20 years backed up, they should be focusing on that shit.
  18. It's all such BS. Illegal immigrants should come here legally, that's all there is to it. It's not that they need to try and bust every one of them all at once. They just need to inforce it as it comes. I used to live in Cali and I coulda pointed out like 400 kids at my school that were illegal. You get their families and that was a few thousand in a town of 69,000 people. If they just enforced the law on a regular basis then not as many would try, then the number of illegals would be reasonable.

    My main problem is that Mexicans don't assimilate. I know some do, but most of them don't even try to learn English or be "Americans". Every other big immigrant group learned English and became American. If they all came here legally and learned English then fine, let them come. But illegally and not speaking the language is just plain BS.
  19. That's not true.

    But yeah, the problem with legal immigration is how insanely long the process takes. Anyone who hasn't experienced it first-hand has no idea what they're talking about when they say people should just "wait in line" like everyone else. I'm talking like 15 years for a Green Card people.
  20. well, anyone that comes here on a vacation visa and then overstays it is here illegally.

  21. I'm glad you two recognize how flawed legal immigration is.
  22. For reals. (I haven't gone through it, but I know the red tape is massive).

    When you're leaving a country because you can't feed yourself and you're afraid of where you live, you don't have the time to try to get a green card. It's a matter of survival in a lot of cases.
  23. Illegal immigrants are criminals, they must be dealt with. Get them the hell out.
  24. When theres a line at the drive-thru, you cant just drive to the front and take your food just because they are taking too long.

    It takes a long time so they have the right to break the law and cross into the USA? no they dont.
  25. No, but if you're starving when there's a line it'll be understandable of why you did it.

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