in 2016, which is better? (Stang v 370z)

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  1. maybe not. It's hard to dismiss years and years of easy cheap comfy normie car. I'm out on this ledge because i see it as the last chance I'll get before I'm 60 to live like I'm 20. I want to do it big, but yeah I'm worried as heck that I'm going to have egg on my face over it.

    we all dreamed of this sorta stuff when we were boys. Doing this feels like a validation that those childhood dreams mattered.
  2. Lol @ going bankrupt after first oil change
  3. I'm not poor, I'm just trying not to end up in a situation where i wish i bought a second home instead of a nice car. That would ruin cars forever for me.
  4. Just know which ever you choose, you'll regret it.
  5. nice hahaha

    ssfb, you own a high strung odd firing euro thing. Did you spend a lot of time looking for the right one? I'm taking for granted it didn't ruin your auto enthusiasm.
  6. At least the GT-R has had incremental upgrades almost every year, whether it's some chassis work, bumps in power, or the whole interior/comfort refresh of MY17

    The 370Z has just festered for years
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    IIRC there was an issue with trying to get a starter motor under warranty, which was a billion dollar part with a trillion hours of labour as, in typical BMW M style, they'd buried the starter deep within the V of the engine.

    Unsure how it went in the end, but it couldn't have been cheap

    EDIT: looks like you have to take the entire intake assembly, throttle bodies, and fuel rails off to get to the starter motor.

    Note the hole at the left side between the two banks. I believe this is where they stick the starter motor, with the pinion outwards engaging with the flywheel on that end of the block:

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  8. jesus riviera christ, the s85 has itb? I cant believe that motor didn't find its way into 2017 and beyond. a quick peek on ebay shows e60s go for ~30k. s85's for 7000. That motor is gonna end up in a lot of frankenstein swaps someday.
  9. There's an E60 M5 for sale on Autotrader at the moment for £7k with 86k on the clock.

    The owner has used some overly photoshopped images of the car showing how nice the paintwork and interior etc are. Listed as having full BMW service history.

    There is a part in the description however where he goes on to state that:
    "number 7 cylinder con rod has broken at the wrist pin, now the car is making a rattling noise"

    HOWEVER, two days ago when I first found this advert, he'd been more descriptive. Instead of just a "rattling noise" he'd listed the cylinder bore being broken and the block being cracked. Clearly thought it best to amend his listing and hide the truth a bit

    Describes the car as "Mint overall".
  10. Honestly, I looked less than a week. I was sitting at the house dicking around on youtube and Clarkson's M5 review came across my playlist and I was like "huh, what are those cars going for now?" Did a couple days worth of research, picked out what year I wanted and a couple colors I wanted to avoid. First search of autotrader revealed two 09-10's or sale this side of the Mississippi, I bought one of em.

    Starter and slave cylinder have been my only major issues to date, it's the little stuff that adds up. Full brake job is ~$1,500 DIY, oil changes $150 DIY. You'll see people talk about the fuel cost and you'll say "oh come on, it's not that bad", but in reality, it's worse.

    Still, had it over two years, put more than 30,000 miles on it, no inanimate object has ever made me happier than this car.
  11. I think I know that car from a facebook group. Dude probably has fancyL30k in that car, tried a couple times to fix things on the cheap instead of doing it right the first time around, bit him in the ass over and over.
  12. This one?

    I think it's hilarious that he's mentioning Full Service History. Mate, you blew the fucking engine up!
  13. Yeah, that's the one I thought it was. IIRC, he bought the car with a great service history and it blew up within a couple weeks of buying it, replaced the motor, that one blew as well. He's had some awful luck out of it, I don't think he put 1,000 miles on the car.
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  14. I think i just bought a car.

    pretty sure.

    I never ever ever saw it coming, but when it came i knew right away.
  15. Cough cough..

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