In communist china...

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  1. None of them faked, guess the Chinese are manlier than Europeans / South Americans.
  2. So, did China put the kids and their families to death for shaming their country?
  3. i hope some people got killed after the nz bball team slaughtered the chinese last night

  4. Your country has a basketball team? That's cute.
  5. yeah
    we also have a functional government
  6. I won't argue there. We might've been the first (in modern times) but we sure as hell figured out how to ruin democracy.
  7. can you see that one on the sidelines selling dvds
  8. you "might have been the first (in modern times)"

    I can't get over how stupid the above statement is
  9. i can hardly understand the comment, i just didn't bother reading it again.
  10. chinese is such a disguisting language
  11. I think he's trying to say the NBA is #1

    Funny how our guys play in that, and then rape 7ft radioactive azns
  12. Communist Russia won't even stand a chance tomorrow
  13. Was there a modern government that was democratically elected before the US was in the late 18th century? I don't know my European history that well, I thought most of the western European governments were reformed with new constitutions shortly after our independence.
  14. i dunno rome and greece had demo's
  15. Its dumb taking a particular time point and then saying "we were the first (after that particular time point)"

    thats like me saying im one of the first people ever called George (after the end of 1985)
  16. you're like the first ginger to come out and tell us "I'm a ginger"

    all the other ones are in denial
  17. Fair point but I mean there's a huge gap there that's worth pointing out. Like almost 2 thousand years?
  18. Well, 3% of the English population had voting rights for the parliament late 18th cent., but they had elections for many centuries before that already. Just with a limited amount of people voting.

    Corsica (when it was independent) even had women's voting rights mid 18th century <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC="pitlane/emoticons/wink.gif"></A>
  19. so its corsicas fault
  20. ja, but they also produced Alizee
    so theyre forgiven ok
  21. Fair enough.

    When did the UK start electing a national prime minister though? I'm thinking in terms of both executive and legislative branches.

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